MDF Instruments®: What will You do?

When you were asked in Mrs. Johnson’s or Mr. Smith’s or Ms. Roberts’ class, what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you remember the possibilities that flooded your mind? With great haste, tingles racing up and down your spine as you declared, I want to be a doctor. I want to be a nurse. I want to be a vet. I want to serve people…. well people and pets. Yeah, that was some time ago, wasn’t it?

And you grew, as we do, and many things changed. You got your driver's license, and your license to exchange one dream for the next as if dreams were like trading cards…. as if dreams were a game. But for you, you and your declaration you stayed true. From that moment in Mrs. Johnson’s class, when you knew what you knew. I’m going to be a surgeon. I’m going to be a firefighter. I’m gonna do what I do, so you did.

School came and the dream became heavy. Late nights, early mornings, and caffeine at the ready. Sailing over rougher seas, as your course grew unsteady. Already now, fatigued heads down shaking “how”... How am I going to get through this thing now? And you sailed on and that sail became torn; the weather has weathered your dreams to be worn. Storms beating and breaking you down to the bone. Groaning from growth and thrown off the throne of adolescent dreams perched high and unmarked. The reality is... reality doesn't have a heart. It ain’t got soul, doesn’t have compassion, doesn't care how you feel. It’ll beat you down and break you apart, that’s the realest real.

So I ask you, what will you do? What will you do when the tassels you turned from the right to left, means the last class has adjourned. On all you have known, since you were a kid, when the unknowing wasn't the scariest thing that you did. Unknowing is hard. You’ve been taught to think wisdom, a guard against failure, but even with facts in your brain, failure will come and hits hard all the same, cause life hits with a force. Frantically flung and without remorse. And outside of school walls made of brick and stone, more forceful fists are undoubtedly thrown.

What will you do? You will get up and push on. You are a doer… and doers respond to red lights, sound of alarms, desperate cries; you perk up your ears and open your eyes. This is where you step in. Now! Today! Right where you are. Stand tall with your cap and gown and reach for the star that you sailed toward in the first place, all those years past. Wrap your fingers around it and feel it at last. Follow its path…this light you carry brings hope to so many in need. If you stayed true to your course when tired eyes won't read, when tired hands won’t work, when tired thoughts can’t think, your will keeps you sailing where others will sink. You’ll make it through. You’ll reach its end and face a beginning that has yet to be penned because nobody has written that part of your story yet. You haven't written what comes next.

So I ask… What will you do? Hold nightmares back, fend off the sights and sounds that flood the world everyday, fueled by knowledge within, now that the lessons are over, the learning begins. What will you do? Moving your soul is how I am #Crafting Wellness 

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An island, its people, and a man in the pursuit of a brighter future. A story that sheds light on resilience, and how we can always get back up, no matter how many times we’re knocked down. Whether in the ICU as a Nurse, in his community as a Pastor, or throughout the island as a responder to any crisis, José Garcia has dedicated his life to serving others and his home, Puerto Rico.

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Dr. Jessica Darusz, MD is currently in her 4th year as a Neurology Resident. She serves as a mentor and advocate for Medical Students. Recently, she shared her insights on Match Week with MDF Instruments' Crafting Wellness Podcast. Dr. Darusz provides valuable advice for individuals who may not match and offers guidance on what to anticipate when you do. Wishing you a successful Match Week!

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