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MDF® Pulse Time Teaching Stethoscope with Embedded Digital LCD Clock - 4 Users (MDF757PT)

MDF® Pulse Time Teaching Stethoscope with Embedded Digital LCD Clock - 4 Users (MDF757PT)

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Do you hear what I hear? Medical instructors no longer need to describe heart and lung sounds to students. With the MDF® Pulse Time™ Teaching Stethoscope, instructor and students listen to the same source of sound, enabling multifunctional teaching applications in all clinical and educational settings.


This innovative, patented Pulse Time™ chestpiece with a quadruple output is equipped with a 24-hour liquid crystal analog (LCA) quartz timepiece. The advanced chestpiece is made of lightweight anodized aluminum and fitted with a unique raised ultra-thin fiber diaphragm for greater amplification and transmission of heart and lung sounds.

Comfortseal™ eartips

Soft silicone ComfortSeal™ eartips are phthalate-free and clear for hygienic purposes. To ensure proper fit and isolation of sound, MDF® ComfortSeal™ eartips are available in three sizes: small, regular, and large.(Pat. nos. 2010 2 0279423.9)

ErgonoMax™ Headset and SafetyLock™

Three adjustable AccuFit™ student headsets constructed from chrome-plated brass allow the users to create individualized fits.Hand polished, pre-angled stainless steel headset features a patented internal dual-leaf spring construction for durability industry in user safety. Patented SafetyLock™ eartip adaptors lead the industry in user safety.

Acoustic Tubing

Constructed of thicker, denser, latex-free PVC, the non-stick acoustic tubing provides insulation for superior sound transmission and seals out ambient noise while preventing the cracking and wearing that can occur from repeated use. The longer-than-average length allows a comfortable space between health professional and patient.

Acoustic Pyramid Chamber™

A patented internal metal-alloy chamber located in the acoustic tubing below the spring keeps the tubing channel open for maximum sound transmission into the headset.

Included Accessories

Nylon zippered carrying case with Velcro® side pocket, 2 extra sets ComfortSeal™ eartips, 2 spare ultrasensitive diaphragms, and ID tag.

World Class

MDF Instruments uses latex-free materials and upholds European REACH phthalate standard. Our products are manufactured to international standards, including the directives of ISO, EN, CE and MC.

Lifetime Warranty

By your side. For life. All MDF Instruments Stethoscopes include a Lifetime Warranty and Free-Parts-for-Life membership upon registration (register your product here). Our lifetime warranty covers all defects that may occur due to manufacturing and also includes tubing!

Yes, you heard it right.
Free Parts For Life.

Free-Parts-for-Life is a unique program offered to all registered MDF customers. Once registered, you can order free replacement parts for your MDF Instruments stethoscope for 100% free to your home (shipment to the United States, Mexico, Canada, European Union, China, and Brazil is free as well)! Just register, request your parts via email or phone, and we’ll do the rest! To read the terms and conditions click here.

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METAL TYPE Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Titanium Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Titanium Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
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With an insistence on quality and a constant focus on innovation, we strive to deliver first-class instruments that lead the industry in accuracy, safety, and cutting-edge design. Look for these patented features on our stethoscopes:

  • ErgonoMax™ headset: Pat. No. ZL 200820155127.0
  • X-configuration tubing: Pat. No. ZL 200820151419.7
  • ProCardial™ C3 chestpiece: Pat. No. ZL 2011 2 0200178.2
  • SafetyLock™ eartip adaptors: Pat. No. ZL 201020279423.9
  • SoundTight™ GLS Acoustic Valve: Pat. No. ZL 201020279428.1
  • MDF® 740 Pulse Time™ with timepiece: Pat. No. ZL 201030027143.4
  • Lightweight ProCardial-ERA™ chestpiece with dual output valve:
  • PureSona:
    • China Utility Patent App. 201921416253.1
    • China Utility Patent App. 201910805358.4
    • Taiwan Utility Patent App.108211920
    • US Utility Patent Pending
    • Other Int'l Utility Patents Pending


Accuracy is a constant focus in the medical instrumentation arena. The quest to improve functionality, acoustic sensitivity, precision, and performance is a driving force at the heart of the industry. MDF® instruments is more keenly aware of this challenge than most, with research and innovation at the very core of our business, since this is the future of the medical instruments industry. We are always planning for the future—developing the technical solutions that will lead to the next generation of instruments for improved diagnosis and wellness.


MDF® Instruments stethoscopes have been handcrafted in the MDF® artisan tradition since 1971. They are super-duty, high-performance medical tools that meet the toughest requirements of precision and accuracy.


We are insistent on delivering first-class instruments, because quality is the key to all that is significant in our line of work. From conception through the final stage of assembly, our crafters' hands and traditional tools are supplemented by advanced technology. Each instruments is handcrafted and rigorously examined under the stringent scrutiny of state-of-the-art quality mechanisms. But regardless of the latest quality control systems we employ, before each instruments receives the MDF® Seal of Quality, we simply ask ourselves: *Is this good enough for my family?*


MDF® instruments are super-duty, high-performance medical tools that meet the toughest requirements of precision and accuracy. We apply advanced technological developments and use the best materials for our instruments. Our designers and engineers couple the latest technologies with a unique working process to foster a traditional yet innovative approach. We select both conventional and avant garde materials to ensure durability and reliability. Our instruments are immediately recognizable as simple yet distinctive—a unique combination of functionality and performance.


Designed to satisfy the senses, MDF® instruments are sleek in design and truly functional—the hallmarks of MDF® creations. Our instruments are distinctive, with classical roots and modern touches. In everything from the individual components to colors selections, MDF® believes in innovation and aesthetics that translate a strong identity of design and style. These distinctive characteristics contribute to the functionality and performance of our instruments.

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