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What up guys, my name is Jose and let's talk about my stethoscope. So what I'm rocking right now is my MDF® Acoustica® lightweight dual-head stethoscope. I know it's a mouthful but just know that it's a dual-head, it's a stethoscope, it’s lightweight and it’s called Acoustica®. Just think of like acoustic, with A in the end. Because a lot of people actually comment on my stethoscope. Most of the time, like other accounts repost my pictures on Instagram. They usually like what kind of stethoscope is that, where can I get it blah blah blah… So this is all it, this is what it's all about. This is actually the same stethoscope that I've started with. I've never switched it out. This is the original as in before I became a nurse, before I got into nursing school, before I even considered on going to nursing school. This is the stethoscope that I got and there's three reasons what got me gravitating towards the stethoscope.

One is the design. Around four years ago though, all black designs for stethoscopes were pretty rare. Like not a lot of people were doing it. A lot of the stethoscopes out in the market was basically basic, standard, you know, black and silver, the maroon and silver, the navy blue and silver or the pink and silver. So the first time when I was shopping for my stethoscope I legit just saw it be like, you know what that's all black that's pretty dope let me get that. I'll be up front, I wasn't fully aware of the brand. I'm not familiar with it because I was a newbie like I wasn't even a nursing student yet. I saw the design well, you know what I've never really seen that, that's pretty dope. Then afterwards when I asked for the price the price was like 25 and I was like hold up like 25 and in my head I was like 25 this is probably going to break within one year. And then it was funny, I still got the same one. Literally the ear piece is not original because I have a tendency of throwing my stethoscope here and there. Throwing in my bag, throwing it in my car. And now as a nurse I'm throwing it all over the place because I'm the charged nurse for the match unit. If there's a situation where I have to separate residents I have to get in between and I can't have anything around my neck because you know I don't want them pulling it and choking me out so I'm just throwing it all over the place.

The warranty. The warranty says it has a Lifetime Warranty and a Lifetime Piece Replacement. If I lose the ear tips I can get another one, if I lose the tag I could get another one. But there was actually one time when I was like, oh man, I lost my piece, I don't want to buy another one. Let me try to order it from them. And someone enough like within a week or so like I got my pieces and I was like hold on for real like free. Like I didn't have to pay for shipping, I didn't have to do none of that. It just came in and I was like yo like that's pretty dope that they honored it because that was after like two years of me having my stethoscope. And they still popped out now and still set me apart for it so I was like that's awesome.

Now let's talk about the specs of my stethoscope. When I'm talking about lightweight I'm talking about like 4.96 ounces. I have it on my neck all day long. Now sometimes I forget about it. What I’m gonna do, where’s my stethoscope? It's around my neck.

Super dope thing about my stethoscope is it's latex free. As there's no latex on it so basically you don't have to worry about an allergic reaction to a patient or anything like. That pretty thick, very durable, like I've thrown my stethoscope around a lot.

Now when it comes down to ear tips. Ear tips it’s actually a soft silicone which is super dope. And I'm going to come down to a dual-head - boom. And you could, you know, close or twist it around. And that's my stethoscope and I stuck with mine. If it's not broken why fix it?

Sometimes when I'm chatting I look over it like, yo I remember the first time when I took my vital sign with my classmate. I remember the first time when I touched a patient when I was on my clinical. I remember the first time when I was on the floor with my stethoscope around me as a nurse. I don't know, if basically I got close with it, it's very sentimental to me. It's like something that was I had it from the beginning and I'm still gonna have it right now. It's very, it's very simplistic that the design is very simple but it's functional, you got me? There's no extra this and that, it's just it works. So aside from that ending this video please like, share, comment and subscribe and most importantly all be happy. Peace.

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