MDF® Instruments ProCardial® ER Premier® Cardiology Stethoscope

Featuring the MDF® Instruments® ProCardial® ER Premier® Stethoscope

The emergency room was one place where we received specific feedback from doctors who wanted to hear these subtle heart and lung sounds in a busy, noisy and hectic emergency room environment. They also wanted a solution where they could treat both pediatric and adult patients with one stethoscope. Also they wanted extra durability. They were finding that they were having to replace their stethoscopes way too often, due to either broken headsets or cracked tubing.

We took this feedback and we tried to solve these problems. We set out with our engineers to create the world’s first emergency care specific, high performance stethoscope. In an emergency situation, you just can’t afford to make an incorrect diagnosis.

The result of our efforts is the ProCardial® ER Premier®. It’s the first high performance stethoscope designed specifically for the emergency room. Now you can detect high frequency heart and lung sounds, for both pediatric and infant patients, with a specialized chestpeice that has an adult sized diaphragm on one side, and a pediatric diaphragm on the other.

The key to the ProCardial® ER Premier® is really in its superior sound quality. It’s based on our Classic Cardiology design so it has our ultra sensitive diaphragms. We use this specially designed, thick-walled dual lumen tubing to help protect the integrity of the sound as it travels up to the ears. Finally it has our Glide Lock System, which is a proprietary technology that seals the sound into the chestpiece.

What’s really cool about the ProCardial® ER Premier® is that we built in flexibility so you can use it outside of the ER if necessary, such as during rounds in the ICU, or for cardiopulmonary cases. You simply need to unscrew the pediatric diaphragm side of the chestpiece to convert it into an oversized bell, and that converts the entire stethoscope into our classic ProCardial® Cardiology stethoscope design.

Our ProCardial® stainless steel stethoscopes are handcrafted from high quality stainless steel at our wholly owned manufacturing facility, where we fabricate our own headsets, chestpieces and tubing. Each stethoscope is hand polished and hand machined, to a jewelry grade finish by our artisan team, who has a lifetime of experience making these types of products.

Life in the ER is high impact, but at MDF®, we’ve got you covered. We have a Lifetime Warranty, which covers the entire stethoscope, evening the tubing, and we have a Free-Parts-For-Life Program which covers all of your critical stethoscope accessories. This includes eartips, diaphragms, retaining rings, non-chill rings and stethoscope name tags.






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