MDF Instruments® Acoustica® Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

The Acoustica® lightweight dual head stethoscope has been one of our most popular models for years. Its lightweight property was born out of necessity.

We initially designed it for United Nations humanitarian efforts. With disaster relief there’s always a tremendous sense of urgency. The roads leading into disaster areas are either severely damaged or non-existent, so airdrops by plane or helicopter are really essential to relief efforts. When traveling by aircraft, the lighter the better. These situations created a unique challenge for our designers. Our team rose to that challenge and reduced the product weight by 33%, but still maintained the durability necessary for a disaster relief setting.

Our time tested dual head chestpiece platform maintains the quality you would expect from an MDF Instruments® stethoscope. The Acoustica® was designed with simplicity and quality in mind, making it accessible to doctors, nurses and aid workers. In essence, it has answered the call for a lightweight, durable and accurate stethoscope.

A positive byproduct of using these lightweight materials, is that it’s more cost effective. We’re able to pass that savings onto our customers, reducing the overall price point of the Acoustica® stethoscope.

This paired with the overall feedback that we got from medical missions, led the Acoustica® stethoscope to become the essential educational stethoscope for our student customers. It provides both the performance and the precision necessary for classrooms and clinicals.

The Acoustica® stethoscope features a premium Ergonomax™ headset which is pre angled for a precise fit. Our ComfortSeal™ eartips are expertly designed for both comfort and hygiene. The Super Duty lightweight chestpiece provides excellent sound quality and it’s easy to use.
Because the Acoustica® stethoscope is handcrafted in our own production facility, and has been since 1971, we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire stethoscope. That means you can use your stethoscope every day confidently. Our Free-Parts-For-Life Program will send out free stethoscope replacement parts, if the diaphragm, retaining rings or ear tips should wear out. Our stethoscope parts program also includes non-chill rings and name tags.





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