U-VOL Foundation Inc

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Benue State, Nigeria

Village of Love

Taking blood pressure with accurate instruments is almost as important as doing it all, MDF is honored to have U-VOL's trust in our instruments to continue their amazing work.  November 24 2021

U-VOL has a team full of smiles and love, ready to be themselves and help other in Nigeria  November 24 2021

U-VOL in Benue State Nigeria  November 24 2021

The community all gather, waiting to receive their blessing of service U-VOL has to offer  November 24 2021

U-VOL Foundation is a non-profit organization who serve underprivileged communities by providing healthcare, education about water sanitation, outreach projects, and suburb positivity to empower communities to uplift their own people for a healthy outlook.

U-VOL is committed to ensuring equality and compassion through their team and the missions they endure around the globe. Serving with Love is an affirmation they stand by.

On this current mission they “provided free medical and healthcare services to hundreds of vulnerable and at risk populations who could not otherwise afford it.” (U-VOL Foundation Facebook Nov. 11 2021). Faith Adole is the current CEO of U- VOL, with a team composed of nurses, doctors, and multiple medical health providers. They also partnered with non medical volunteers to help in any area they can.

MDF Instruments donated sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes to U-VOL for their recent mission to Benue State, Nigeria. Loveth Ekedegba is from Benue State and is a local volunteer for U-VOL. She describes a small yet significant act of compassion by one of the volunteers on her first experience with the organization. Loveth describes a time when she noticed how one woman “offered one of the little children candy to make them feel more comfortable. They did not want to come and get the candy because they know the word candy as ‘sweet’. The volunteer was shocked that the children did not want candy, but eventually when some tried it and realized the taste, there became a flock around her for more. It made the job easier for her because they were willing to loosen up.” This taught her that no matter the difficult situation at hand, a small act of kindness goes a long way. ( It is evident how these small acts of kindness are vital for any global mission, a progressive tactic to take away the line of cultural difference by communicating through love.

 Find out how you can join forces with the U-VOL Foundation, visit their website or follow them on Facebook:

U-VOL utilizes their donated new MDF Instruments to take vital signs, a simple yet necessary assessment for monitoring healthcare  November 24 2021

U-VOL is able to give prescriptions to those who do not have access in Benue State Nigeria  November 24 2021



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