Ten Eighteen Uganda

Women’s Libber

Written by Caitlin Smith

Breaking Social Disadvantages for Teenage Moms

With compassion and heart felt benevolent smiles, there is nothing that Ten Eighteen Uganda cannot do. This non profit organization is a motivating firehouse for Uganda and their community. Targeting the slums of Uganda is a perceived area where the poor and lower class live, and are categorized as criminals, addicts, and more.  It is the primary mission for Ten Eighteen Uganda to diminish this ideology that living in a specific area can define who you are. While focusing on young women and teens, their work does not stop there. 

Jennings Wright is the founder and executive director of Ten Eighteen Uganda. Being the motivational and proactive leader she is, Jennings reached out to MDF Instruments to partner with her team to provide stethoscopes, hammers, sphygmomanometers, and more to be utilized in Uganda. On this mission, Jennings and her team set out to create movement at the New Haven Clinic located within their project compound in the Namuwongo slum (Kampala). These instruments were used to equip the full-time nurses, sided with sourced medicines and supplies needed to “promote wellness and well-baby care, treat illnesses early, and treat injuries that don't require a hospital. To enable the nurse to conduct workshops on various topics of need and interest in the population of teen girls and teen moms.” [ Jennings Wright ] 

With the opening of the Haven Clinic on Valentine's Day, 2022, their next trip occurred in May 2022. Their nurses received these MDF supplies to serve their population of over 65 teen girls and 20 children on-site.

Their vision of an end to the seemingly endless cycle of the opportunity women have in these slums such as the prohibited ability to start school results in the unfortunate business of sex trafficking and prostitution in order to make ends meet. This speaks volumes , painting the image that girls are not valuable enough to receive an education in their communities. Ten eighteen Uganda is focused to change these circumstances for good. Some of the critical areas this organization focuses on includes Crisis Intervention, Vocational training and Literacy programs as well as the training of additional holistic skills necessary for well rounded development.

All donations and contributions are used to create direct impact within these communities as soon as they are received on materials, training sessions, developmental tools, etc. The drive to “change the culture one girl at a time”. MDF is proud to be partnered with Ten Eighteen Uganda, sharing aspects of the same vision to Craft Wellness in the world through improved communal health and inspiration for an improved overall quality of life.

Get involved by visiting their website to see how you too can be part of this cultural movement in Uganda: