Paloma Blanca Ministries

Servant Hearts

Written by Caitlin Smith

It only took one customer service phone call inquiring about our stethoscopes to discover a newfound partner whose drive to be local philanthropists was discovered. During the conversation, it surfaced that Cynthia Ruiz and her Husband Manuel Ruiz are founders of a non profit organization called Paloma Blanca Ministries. Paloma Blanca Ministries is a non-profit organization that promotes health and education, contributing to the communal general health of it’s people.

“Society and its unhealthy factors are increasingly distancing parents, youth, and children from healthy habits. At Paloma Blanca Ministries we recognize this reality, and we provide a cultural identity in children and young people through education in the area of health and musical training. Through this, we offer emotional security, trust, mutual respect, and a better quality of life for the family.” - Ruiz

Located in Lake Forest California, Cynthia and Manuel aim to provide instructional training for the people of the Hispanic community to be professionals in naturopathy, as well as other health training basics. Through this ministry, they have successfully set up health seminars for any family to have the opportunity to comprehend the importance of a healthy heart and overall daily well-being.

With this being a family upstart, Cynthia informed us that their son works at 2 hospitals in the ER as ER tech and is working on applying for PA school. He is planned to be the lead instructor at an EMT school for the summer of 2023. Their daughter shares the family trait of giving as well as she is senior community leader where she works at a retirement home in the activities department. She was just promoted to this new position after her first year.

Ever since they were small, they served in ministry and continued on mission trips once they were older. These included Spain, China and her daughter was on her way to Greece when Covid put it to a halt. This is only but a slice of her family’s journey to where they are today, crafting wellness in their own unique style.

MDF Instruments is thrilled to have been able to donate some teaching stethoscopes case’s a and blood pressure cuffs. We also provided assistance in helping Cynthia and Manuel purchase some stethoscope diagnostic kits for their first in person seminars for the summer of 2023. To be involved in any type of work for the community seems to be a family tradition, and we have no doubt it will carry on to more wonderful things for generations to come. A true definition of a family of Servant Hearts.