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Ramallah, Palestine

Breaking Social Disadvantages for Teenage Moms

Step into the middle east and go into a local doctors office, expect it to be one of two things; either packed because there are limited resources, or it could be empty since many people cannot afford to go to the doctor. This is something that would touch anyone in healthcare. This is why MDF is honored to partner with PCRF to share the aimed goal of providing free medical supplies and healthcare to those in need. PCRF focuses on “sick and injured children throughout the Middle East, regardless of their religion or nationality.”

Dr. Cathy Woodward is a dedicated long term volunteer for PCRF. She reached out to MDF Instruments in the hopes to receive some donations to move their work in Palestine a little smoother. In her request, she let us know they have built relationships with the local cardiologists, Dr. Rula Zoughbi and chief nurse, Mr Ahmad. Their team includes “5 critical care nurses and 4-5 physicians, including surgeon, cardiologist, anesthesiologist and an intensivist”. Combined forces with local healthcare professionals in Palestine who have created a major difference for the healthcare of children in their community.

PCRF describes their program for Treating Kids with Cancer in Palestine journey. Beginning in April 2013 “PCRF opened the first public pediatric cancer center in Palestine - the Huda Al Masri Pediatric Cancer Department - in Beit Jala Hospital near Bethlehem in the West Bank.This department was named after our founding head social worker, Huda Al Masri, who passed away in 2009 from leukemia. Since its opening, hundreds of sick children have had expert medical care that they otherwise would not have gotten for free in the department thanks to generous donors all over the world. In February 2019 PCRF opened Dr. Musa and Suhaila Nasir Pediatric CancerDepartment in Gaza City, the first cancer center for kids in Gaza. Both departments are privately funded and provide children in Palestine care they otherwise cannot get locally for free.” PCRF has a program where you can sponsor a birthday party for a child with cancer, who doesn't love balloons?!

With recurring trips, MDF was able to help out with their most recent trip to Palestine September 2022 by donating stethoscopes that include pediatrics and some blood pressure cuffs. These instruments were used to treat children and adults in Ramallah who can't normally afford a doctor visit or the medicine for their condition. Cathy shared that her team is “currently working on a project to bring pediatric transport to the region. They have never had a dedicated ambulance or personnel to safely transport children to referral centers. Thanks to a donor, an ambulance is being delivered and we are going to help them start a pediatric and neonatal transport program. We are developing protocols and identifying nurses and EMTs to be trained for pediatric transport. Our plan is to go back to Ramallah in May to do the training and set up the ambulance.” Knowing this is included in their upcoming new year goals, MDF was able to send two bags for their starting EMT’s with pediatric cuffs and stethoscopes, infant cuffs, and some reflex hammers. Hopefully this inspires their team to continue to keep the positivity alive in areas that need it most.

MDF is honored to be partnered with PCRF and hope to continue to support their missions in Palestine to continuously craft wellness in every way we can.

To learn more how you can too be part of the change, visit their website at



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