Our Crafting Wellness Program is honored to partner with FBR and donate to their current missions in Burma and Thailand, giving medical assistance to villagers in jungle hiding camps.

MDF Instruments Donates stethoscopes

Karenni Rangers provide medical care for IDPs in their hidesite, Free Bruma Rangers, July 5, 2021, Burma Army Onslaught Drives 100,000 People into Hiding in Karenni State, Field Report,, July 27, 2021

MDF Instruments' Crafting Wellness is proud to donate stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers and other medical equipment to the Free Burma Rangers for continuous missions. They are making an incredible impact on the lives of people in Burma and surrounding areas, who don't have access to basic life necessities. FBR developed a radical vision on “the idea that no one can stop people from giving love and serving one another.” We are excited to share their journey as we know them to be changing our world one vital sign at a time.

MDF Instruments Donates stethoscopes

IDPs cooking in a hide site, Free Bruma Rangers, July 5, 2021, Burma Army Onslaught Drives 100,000 People into Hiding in Karenni State, Field Report,, July 27, 2021

With political uprising in Burma, villagers are being forced by violent attacks and gunshots to abandon their homes, leaving them displaced and seeking shelter in the forest. In July the Rangers traveled to the Karenni State to provide medical care, food and essential supplies to those hiding for their lives. In their field report on July 5th, the Rangers document treating “52 patients, including 10 toddlers, 17 under 18 years old, and 31 adults.” Many of the patients are battling pneumonia and other respiratory infections, caused by the living conditions of camping in the rain and colder weather. Many also suffer from UTI and dysentery (intestinal inflammation) due to the lack of toilet facilities. The FBR Team responded with medical attention and built toilets to support their health. Read the full field report from FBR >

MDF Instruments Donates stethoscopes

Rangers loading food to deliver to IDPs, Free Bruma Rangers, July 5, 2021, Burma Army Onslaught Drives 100,000 People into Hiding in Karenni State, Field Report,, July 27, 2021

The Free Burma Rangers continue to fight for these communities, risking everything to tell their story to the world. To learn more about the Free Burma Rangers and find out how you too can be a part of this beautiful movement, visit their website for more information.

MDF says thank you to the Free Burma Rangers and wishes them the best of luck in future missions. “Be the change you want to see in the world and love along the way” #CraftingWellness




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