Foundation of International Medical Relief 

Foundation of International Medical Relief

Costa Rica

Magic Carpet Ride to Global Wellness

FIMRC is dedicated to improving the health of families throughout the world through its network of outpatient clinics and partnerships. FIMRC maintains a multidimensional plan which implements clinical services, extensive community outreach efforts and health education programs.

MDF had the pleasure of working with The Traveling Nurse K Chandler Rosemont for her trip to Costa Rica this past year. Chandler is a Pediatric CVICU Registered Nurse, she invests her time into ensuring her trained knowledge is put to great fortune with anyone she works with. She is sponsored by FIGS and utilizes any opportunity she comes across to help those in need around the globe.

Most of her work consists of filling prescriptions, and educating patients. Chandler made health impact videos for simple yet vital tasks needed for the public.

Foundation of International Medical Relief

MDF Donated stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers for both pediatric and adult patients to help widen their outreach. Chandler shared a moving patient experience with us, it is evident she is inspired everyday .

Foundation of International Medical Relief Foundation of International Medical Relief Foundation of International Medical Relief

"Something that stuck with me after my time in Costa Rica was the use of mental health resources for patients of all ages. I remember a little child coming in that had terrible anxiety and behavioral issues. FIMRC made me realize that mental health diseases also require preventive health. With their psychology program, FIMRC is helping so many children learn to cope with anxiety, stress, and change in healthy ways. This child is better off because of the resources and programs provided by FIMRC and I know he is safer with FIMRC by his side." - Chandler Rosemont

To learn more about you you can help like Chandler does visit her blog or FIMRC website:



Paloma Blanca Ministries

It only took one customer service phone call inquiring about our stethoscopes to discover a newfound partner whose drive to be local philanthropists was discovered. During the conversation, it surfaced that Cynthia Ruiz and her Husband Manuel Ruiz are founders of a non profit organization called Paloma Blanca Ministries.

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University of Mayaguez 

MDF Instruments is proud to share our instruments and compassion for crafting wellness through education with our neighboring University of Mayaguez Puerto Rico - Department of Kinesiology. Working alongside the head

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Ten Eighteen Uganda 

With compassion and heart felt benevolent smiles, there is nothing that Ten Eighteen Uganda cannot do. This non profit organization is a motivating firehouse for Uganda and their community. Targeting the slums of Uganda is a perceived area where the poor and lower class live, and are categorized as criminals, addicts, and more.

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