Foundation of International Medical Relief

Cameroon, Africa

Divinity in Simplicity

Sometimes it can be hard to give what you want to the world, without the basic necessities of that goal. Dr. Asomba Tobias had a vision when he started COHECF and limited resources didn't stop him. COHECF targeted goals to help improve the supplies for clean drinking water, drug disease prevention and information sharing for local community health education. To help Dr. Asomba achieve his goals, MDF donated stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers and penlights to COHECF in Cameroon, West Africa so that community members could provide basic medical assessments, that can make a major difference in diagnosing early health concerns.

COHECF - Medical Mission - MDF StethoscopesCOHECF - Medical Mission - MDF Stethoscopes

 Recently COHECF hosted a Blood Pressure Wellness Program (BPWELL) to curb the challenges low and high blood pressure victims face that lead to various tragic health concerns. CHOECF's BPWELL Program hosted a workshop in partnership with Cameroon secondary school institutions. The training program, called COHECF Medical Camp Crusade, creates awareness and teaches capable students to assist the community with blood pressure readings, hopefully preventing common and treatable health issues. Dr. Asomba explained "the hope is to diminish the occurrences of needless deaths of the neighborhood of loved ones (uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, etc.). This program is the utmost crucial movement currently, since the communities self-sustaining situation is due to their location and access to healthcare."

COHECF - Medical Mission - MDF StethoscopesCOHECF - Medical Mission - MDF StethoscopesCOHECF - Medical Mission - MDF Stethoscopes

“Even the young ones are learning how to rescue their parents at home by knowing blood pressure readings. Many people die in Africa due to lack of blood pressure machines to get reading and also due to lack of persons who know just how to use the machine”. - Dr. Asomba Tobias

COHECF - Medical Mission - MDF StethoscopesCOHECF - Medical Mission - MDF Stethoscopes

Dr. Asomba Tobias keeps up with MDF to let us know what their world is like and how it is improving day by day. Dr. Asomba works out of a house and puts forth all his knowledge and efforts to improve his community in any way he can, it is truly inspiring . MDF plans to continue their partnership with COHECF and are excited to see how this community grows and inspires other nations and communities to increase their medical knowledge to create a healthy happy life for themselves and their brothers and sisters.

“It is within us to help one another not only to live to survive in the world but more so to survive to live the life this beautiful world has to offer” - Caitlin Smith  #Crafting Wellness



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