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Changing the world is a huge goal, the key to success is to do the best one can and have a valued support system with aligned goals.

AMERN - Afro-European Medical Research Network is a team originally from the UK, Led by President Dr. Charles Senessie. He obtained his “medical Education at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS) and the University of Sierra Leone in West Africa, with a published final year medical school dissertation on delays in childhood immunization.” His team is composed of many doctors and healthcare professionals from Cameroon and all around the globe. 

One of the main focuses of AMERN is to improve the supplies for proper clean drinking water, and also to provide accurate medical equipment and medications.

Another main outreach is for education on various kinds of disease prevention for local rural communities around Africa.

MDF Instruments partnered with AMERN on a recent trip to Cameroon, West Africa, communicating with Anyah Evelyn who came about our donation program through the word of Dr. Asomba Tobias, another one of our Crafting Wellness partners with COHECF.  

AMERN 2022 Accessd June 6

To see how you can be a part of AMERN’s impact visit their website at

This mission took place in a town in BOMBE KONYE, Nguti SubDivision, South West Region of Cameroon. Their trip started in November 2021 and went through December 2021. MDF stethoscopes and reflex hammers were sent for this trip to provide the support AMERN is looking for, for the same intended goal of improving overall global health.“

AMERN serves as a platform wherein active professionals from such disciplines as education, medicine, engineering, nursing, faith-based can interact at various levels of self-initiated conferences, seminars, workshops, exchange programmes and voluntary workcamps.” This organization collaborates with “peace-loving organizations” in diverse projects geared towards betterment of the poor people and enhancing their capacity building. MDF Instruments is proud to be part of their journey and impact on our world.

“The necessary bridge between health, education and environment has urged our communication and language department to develop beside interpreters training, conflict resolution and mediation know-how as well as tourist-guiding facilities. This ambitious vision is in response to multifaceted challenges awaiting Diaspora Africans and our team. As a contribution to the future of the world, we have set ourselves the inescapable duty to forge, the dedicated mission to nurture and the long lasting will to further our goals.”



Paloma Blanca Ministries

It only took one customer service phone call inquiring about our stethoscopes to discover a newfound partner whose drive to be local philanthropists was discovered. During the conversation, it surfaced that Cynthia Ruiz and her Husband Manuel Ruiz are founders of a non profit organization called Paloma Blanca Ministries.

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University of Mayaguez 

MDF Instruments is proud to share our instruments and compassion for crafting wellness through education with our neighboring University of Mayaguez Puerto Rico - Department of Kinesiology. Working alongside the head

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Ten Eighteen Uganda 

With compassion and heart felt benevolent smiles, there is nothing that Ten Eighteen Uganda cannot do. This non profit organization is a motivating firehouse for Uganda and their community. Targeting the slums of Uganda is a perceived area where the poor and lower class live, and are categorized as criminals, addicts, and more.

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