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The features of an MDF Instruments® stethoscope

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Hi, my name is Mike Barron from MDF Instruments®. Today I’m going to talk about the features of an MDF® stethoscope. The first thing I would like to point out are the eartips. At MDF Instruments® we use our ComfortSeal™ clear silicone ear tips. The reason we make them clear is for hygienic purposes. If there’s dirt or build up, or something obstructing that sound passageway, you’ll know it’s time to replace the eartip. The way we’ve designed our eartips is to actually form a bubble inside of your ear, and a very tight seal. If I pull off the eartip, what you'll notice is our SafetyLock™, patented safety lock mechanism. Now this not only keeps the eartip on nice and secure but it also prevents injury, so if I go to put the stethoscope on without an eartip, it will not insert or enter my ear canal.

At MDF Instruments®, of course our number one focus is sound quality and performance, so with that being said we use the highest quality materials to promote that. Now looking at the y-portion of the Ergonomax™ headset, we utilize what's called a dual leaf spring. This ensures extreme durability. You can twist it, bend it. You can also adjust it for size and pressure, based on your preference, so if I pull it, you’ll see it will retain that shape, and if I pull it together, you will see it will get a little more narrow and retain that shape.

Regarding our tubing, at MDF Instruments® we’ve designed a very high quality and premium tubing. It is denser and thicker than most of the other brands on the market. It also allows us to make our stethoscopes longer, so every MDF® stethoscope is about an inch to two inches longer than other stethoscopes on the market.

Moving down to the chestpiece, again here we utilize 100% stainless steel construction in the stem, chestpiece and all of the inner workings to promote a very high quality and premium sound. We’ve also included what's called the green indicator dot to let you know which side of the chestpiece is active. As you can see right now the bell side is active and if I index the chestpiece you will see that it's inactive. We've also included a new patent that we have called the Glide Lock System or GLS. This is a device that connects the stem of the chestpiece, and what it does is ensures a very tight seal, and it really snaps into place when you index the chestpiece, to prevent any sound leakage. Now I want to pull off the diaphragm for you and show you what it looks like underneath. What you'll see is a very nice jewelry grade finish and this is because every MDF Instruments® stethoscope is hand crafted and hand polished to produce the highest quality performance.

And of course every MDF® stethoscope is covered under our full Lifetime Warranty and Free-Parts-For-Life Program. Free stethoscope parts include eartips in three sizes, diaphragm, retaining ring, non-chill bell ring and the ID tag, that’s already included with every MDF® stethoscope. For all warranty concerns we ask that our customers simply contact our offices directly. You can email or call at 818-357-5647. 

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MDF Instruments® is committed to not only providing the best sound quality stethoscope for medical professionals and the best personalized designs, but we are here for you when your beloved sunflower stethoscope deteriorates on you! All of our stethoscopes have a Lifetime Warranty which covers stethoscope parts such as stiff and hardened tubing, missing ear tip holders, chest piece parts and other issues you may run into while using your MDF®.

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