Stethoscope Tips

How to use a stethoscope

Featuring Jackie Darling, RN and our ProCardial® BlackOut and Rose Gold Cardiology Stethoscope

Are you looking for stethoscope tips for beginners or wondering how to use an MDF Instruments® stethoscope? Take it from an experienced RN.

To start, put on the stethoscope making sure the eartips are pointing out. MDF® headsets are designed at a 15 degree forward angle for optimal sound and comfort. MDF Instruments® Ergonomax™ headsets are also adjustable, so feel free to pull apart to loosen or tighten for a more comfortable fit.

MDF® offers ComfortSeal™ soft silicone stethoscope eartips in three sizes, included with every stethoscope. Try all the sizes and choose the best fit for you. Remember we offer a Free-Parts-For-Life Program that includes these eartips, so you can order your preferred size at any time, for free.

To make sure you are listening with the correct side of the chestpiece you may tap on the diaphragm to test for sound, or check the green dot indicator. MDF Instruments® stethoscopes will include a small green dot on the stem of the chestpiece that will face the side of the diaphragm with the open sound channel. To switch between the diaphragm and bell side of the chestpiece, simply rotate the stem and it will lock into place.
Use the diaphragm side to listen to high frequency sounds and the bell side for low frequencies. If you are still having trouble hearing, make sure there are no gaps between the diaphragm and retaining ring. They should have a tight seal, like a drum.  

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With you for LIFE!

MDF Instruments® is committed to not only providing the best sound quality stethoscope for medical professionals and the best personalized designs, but we are here for you when your beloved sunflower stethoscope deteriorates on you! All of our stethoscopes have a Lifetime Warranty which covers stethoscope parts such as stiff and hardened tubing, missing ear tip holders, chest piece parts and other issues you may run into while using your MDF®.

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How to Remove the Non-Chill Ring from the Chestpiece of a MDF® Instruments Stethoscope

It's a great idea to change out your stethoscope parts every once in a while to keep them fresh and hygienic.

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How to install a Non-Chill Ring from the Chestpiece of a MDF® Instruments Stethoscope

Has your non chill ring become dirty or cracked? All the free stethoscope parts you need are offered under our Free-Parts-For-Life program! Your non-chill ring is a protector for the low frequency side of your stethoscope. When examining patients, having a cold touch from the chest piece is prevented with the non-chill ring.

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