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How to Replace the Battery in a Pulse Time® Stethoscope

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If you no longer see the digital hands on your MDF Instruments® Pulse Time® Stethoscope clock, it’s time to replace the battery.

To replace the battery, first remove the metal retaining ring from the chestpiece by unscrewing it. This will loosen the clock face to remove it.

The battery is located on the back side of the clock, so using a tiny tool to fit under the white plastic part, use leverage to lift the clock and white portion that surrounds it, out of the chestpiece.

Next, using a small phillips screwdriver, commonly found in an eyeglasses repair kit, unscrew one of the screws that holds the battery into place, being very careful not to loose the small screw. This will allow you to remove the battery from underneath the metal piece.

The battery should be an LR-41 alkaline cell battery, commonly a watch battery.

Next insert the new battery, with the writing on the battery facing up, and you will feel it set into place. Holding the metal piece down, replace the screw and screw that back in, to secure the battery.

Next, replace the clock. There are four small triangle indicators to align the clock and hold that into place. Put the clock face back on top and res-crew the retaining ring onto the chestpiece.




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MDF Instruments® is committed to not only providing the best sound quality stethoscope for medical professionals and the best personalized designs, but we are here for you when your beloved sunflower stethoscope deteriorates on you! All of our stethoscopes have a Lifetime Warranty which covers stethoscope parts such as stiff and hardened tubing, missing ear tip holders, chest piece parts and other issues you may run into while using your MDF®.

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