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How to Get Free Parts for an MDF Instruments® Stethoscope

MDF Instruments® Free-Parts-For-Life Program

Are your MDF® Stethoscope parts broken? Our Free-Parts-For-Life Program has got you covered.

We replace our ComfortSeal™ soft silicone eartips in 3 sizes. They are available for free in large, medium and small sizes, in clear and black colors. We offer them for free so that you can keep them fresh or if you lose one, then no need to worry.

Sometimes a stethoscope diaphragm can become cracked or dirty, with residue building up underneath the stethoscope retaining ring. We provide MDF® stethoscope diaphragms, and retaining rings in clear and black, so that you can replace these parts without worry, and keep your stethoscope hygienic and professional.

Our Free-Parts-For-Life Program also includes the stethoscope bell non-chill ring in clear and black, so you can replace these parts often that may make patience contact.

MDF Instruments® stethoscopes come with these parts, as well as a stethoscope name tag or Id tag, but we also provide extras to you at no cost. Keep your stethoscope labeled so it doesn’t run off. If you're interested in more personalization, many MDF® stethoscopes are available to include customized engraving at the time of purchase.

To request free stethoscope parts, use the link below to register your stethoscope and place your free order online at any time.

We pack it and ship it to your door, for free. 

Ready to get free stethoscope parts?  Click below to place your order for stethoscope eartips, diaphragms, retaining rings, non-chill rings and stethoscope name tags.




With you for LIFE!

MDF Instruments® is committed to not only providing the best sound quality stethoscope for medical professionals and the best personalized designs, but we are here for you when your beloved sunflower stethoscope deteriorates on you! All of our stethoscopes have a Lifetime Warranty which covers stethoscope parts such as stiff and hardened tubing, missing ear tip holders, chest piece parts and other issues you may run into while using your MDF®.

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How to Remove the Non-Chill Ring from the Chestpiece of a MDF® Instruments Stethoscope

It's a great idea to change out your stethoscope parts every once in a while to keep them fresh and hygienic.

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How to install a Non-Chill Ring from the Chestpiece of a MDF® Instruments Stethoscope

Has your non chill ring become dirty or cracked? All the free stethoscope parts you need are offered under our Free-Parts-For-Life program! Your non-chill ring is a protector for the low frequency side of your stethoscope. When examining patients, having a cold touch from the chest piece is prevented with the non-chill ring.

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