Day in and day out, nurses make the world a better place and never ask for anything in return. But they deserve the world, and while that may be a little hard to wrap up in a gift, we have the next best thing. Well, things, because we compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best gifts for nurses. 

At MDF Instruments, we strongly believe that by providing nurses with the best equipment – medical or for personal use – we empower them to help those living on the other side of wellness. So, here you have a list of some of the most empowering, useful, beautiful and fun gifts for the professionals who make our lives better everyday.

Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, appreciation gift, Christmas gift, Easter gift, retirement gift, or simply a way to say thank you to your favorite nurse, we have you covered! We have considered different – among many other things – budgets, preferences, nursing specialties, and personal needs.

So, without further ado, let's start unboxing some of the best nurse gifts!


1. Headbands

Because there are specific rules regarding appearance and work clothing, accessorizing can be challenging for nurses. Headbands in interesting patterns make for a good, useful, quality gift they will wear with pleasure. Plus, the dash of color or exciting headband pattern is an excellent way for them to showcase their personality while still following those strict uniform rules.

Check out the Happy Headband Co., a small, female owned business that hand makes headbands and has a collection with healthcare related prints.  Purchases contribute to the Band for Books program to contribute books to classroom libraries.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts For Nurses Headbands with Mask Holder
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Headband Pink Medical Supplies

2. MDF Instruments® Medical Bag

If you're looking for the best gift for a travel nurse, a nurse practitioner, or a home health nurse, we have just the thing for you! One of the most defining pieces of equipment they will need in their practice is a reliable medical bag that holds all the tools they may need.  The MDF Instruments medical bag is designed to organize and optimize, with colored coded compartments, a removable trifold organizer, and a stain, tear and weather resistant exterior, that is easy to clean. The durability of this medical bag makes it perfect for not only medical use, as well as for travel, gym, and personal use, making it a multi purpose bag.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Medical Bag
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Medical Bag with Compartments

3. Silicone Rings

Due to hospital policy or personal preference, many nurses choose not to wear jewelry, especially diamond wedding rings, during their shifts. Some rings may have sharper wedges that can pierce through gloves, scratch a patient, or snag on something. Silicone rings are a great alternative and a wonderful gift for a nurse. They are safe for patients, fit under gloves without hassle, and look chic. Who knew such a little accessory could bring so much joy?

Check out Qalo, a company who makes silicone rings with only medical grade silicone, and offers a variety of styles and stackable options.  They even offer engraving on silicone rings for a personalized touch.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Silicone Ring Engraveable
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Silicone Rings Stackable

4. A Sturdy, Stylish Backpack

Nurses need a work bag they can rely on, so if you're looking for the perfect gift, look no further than a sturdy, stylish backpack. Ideally, find one that's big enough to fit all their essentials. And nurses have a lot of those, so there better be room for shoes, their uniform, water bottle, thermos, lunch box, lotions, sanitizer, makeup bag, wallet, clipboard, and so on. The best gift, however, will be spacious, lightweight, fashionable, and cute. Because you can have it all – and nurses deserve nothing less!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Backpack

5. A Cosmetic Bags

This lovely versatile pouch from Aloha, is a perfect gift for nurses. It's spacious and can hold a lot of stuff, so it'll be easy to keep their cosmetics, toiletries, or other personal items organized. Plus, with a variety of designs, the compliments at work will keep rolling whenever they reach for it. They are also water resistant which is great for cleaning and sanitizing, and perfect to throw in a purse or suitcase for travel when off duty.

MDF Instrument Best Gifts for Nurses Cosmetic Bag
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Cosmetic Bag Tropical Print

6. Lunch Bag

A lunch bag is the kind of valuable item that a nurse can enjoy and use daily. Opt for a stylish, high-quality insulated bag in which they can pack their favorite healthy and nutritious meals.  This lunch bag from Yeti keeps foods insulated longer, is extremely durable and has an easy to carry handle. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Lunch Bag Front
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Lunch Bag Back

7. A Travel Coffee Mug

A top pick for nurses who need a caffeine kick during their shifts is a travel coffee mug to keep their 'liquid energy' hot during the day (or night). Show your appreciation by choosing a mug with a beautiful color or personalized engraving message to remind them constantly of the superpower they hold as nurses. A big smile will follow every time they take a sip of their hot beverage, that's for sure.   We recommend Yeti Ramblers not only because they keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold, but they come in a variety of sizes and styles, and come with a warranty, which you know we at MDF Instruments love.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Travel Coffee Mug White
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Travel Coffee Mug Teal

8. A Keychain

Cute, affordable, and thoughtful, this uplifting keychain is a great way to share a token of your appreciation for your favorite nurse,  remind them they are awesome, everywhere they go.  This option on Etsy is handmade and customizable and unique.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Keychain Custom Job Title
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Keychain Personalized

9. Phone Sanitizer

Hands down, one of the best gifts for nurses is a phone sanitizer. Phone screens are one of the surfaces that most efficiently harbor germs and bacteria. For everyone in general, but especially for healthcare workers, that is far from ideal. Here's where disinfecting or sterilizing one's phone comes in. It's a great way to reduce the transmission of different viruses and ensure that your phone is as clean as it can be. Nurses will love this practical gift. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Phone Sanitizer

10. A Fitbit

Keeping track of one's health is a prerequisite to staying healthy. And while RNs take fantastic care of everyone else, they often forget to keep tabs on their well-being. That's why one of the best possible gifts you could give a nurse is a Fitbit. It allows them to monitor their health throughout their shift by tracking things like steps or heart rate. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Fitbit

11.  A Power Bank

Whether we like it or not, nowadays, we depend on our phones for everything. These tiny devices help us look up information, stay in touch with loved ones or use the GPS to get home. And now, imagine that your phone is almost dead towards the middle of a long shift. Not a pretty picture, is it? So, a good quality portable charger will be a lifesaver for nurses during those long days when their phone battery simply won't cooperate. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Power bank
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Power bank Color Options


For gifts for nurses that are guaranteed to brighten their day, let's talk apparel. We're thinking chic, useful items that your favorite RN will wear happily for many years. 

12. Scrubs

If you know nurses, you know one thing; few things are as priceless as a nice pair of scrubs, and you can never have too many scrubs. Comfortable, practical, and easy-to-clean uniforms can be game changers. That, coincidentally, also makes them the perfect gift for nurses. So look into fashionable and professional scrubs that will allow them to handle any situation that comes their way. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Scrubs for Women
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Scrubs Figs

Shop the stethoscope featued here:  MD One Adult Stethoscope in White

13.  A Scrub Jacket

Scrub Jackets make lovely gifts for nurses. They're comfortable, cute, cozy, and perfect for the cooler days of fall or spring. Some hospital units also tend to run a little chilly, so it's also the ideal thing to wear on shift. Talk about a versatile gift!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Scrub Jacket Figs Best Seller
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Jacket

14.  An Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you're trying to find the best nurse Christmas gift, look no further than a staple of every winter holiday season: the ugly Christmas sweater. However, even though the name says ugly, these sweaters are anything but! They're adorable, cozy, fun, and colorful. This one is so great the receiver may want to live in them all winter! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Ugly Christmas Sweater
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Ugly Christmas Sweater Funny

15.  Compression Socks

Nurses swear by compression socks, so if you want a tried and tested gift, here's your answer! Long work days can cause a lot of stress on the feet, discomfort, and swelling. Compression socks improve blood circulation and, with them on, even the more extended shifts will be more bearable.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Compression Sock Set
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Compression Socks Grey

16. Baseball Hat

Another good gift for nurses from the apparel section is a simple but fashionable baseball hat with a spot-on message. This will become their new favorite accessory during all outdoor activities and will be a nice addition to their outfits. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts For Nurses Baseball Hat
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Baseball Hat Black


No list of the best gifts for nurses would be complete without one crucial item, a stethoscope. After all, stethoscopes are to nurses what wings are to angels, and what better present to a healthcare professional than to match them up with the perfect pair of wings? Depending on the nursing specialty, personal preference or budget, there are many stethoscopes to choose from. The one thing you should never compromise on is quality. And that's why you should go for MDF Instruments. 

17. Stethoscopes Under $50

Affordable price, sensitive acoustics and professional performance. Who says you can't have it all? Any stethoscope from our Acoustica series will make a great gift, especially for a nursing student or a nurse early on in their career. All MDF Instruments Stethoscopes come with a Lifetime Warranty and Free-Parts-For-Life Program, making this stethoscope a great value and career investment for any nurse.

MDF Instruments Stethoscope Under $50, Best Gifts for Nurses Acoustica Stethocopes

Stethoscopes from the Acoustica series are top-rated, lightweight, and won't break the bank. With plenty of colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches the style and needs of the nurse you're shopping for. And did we mention they're all under $50? A steal!

The MDF Instruments Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope features a classic design and allows professionals to assess adult, pediatric, and infant patients using just one device. Talk about inexpensive and versatile gifts!

For more ideas of gifts for nurses under $50, take a look at our collection!

18. Stethoscopes Under $100

The MDF Instruments MD One Stethoscope series is a line of premium devices that excel in performance, durability, and aesthetics. Our personal favorite is the white/rose gold stethoscope (just something about this color combo!), but you have many other standout shades to skim through before finding the one that'll look best wrapped in a bow! 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses, Rose Gold Stethoscope

Do you know how nurses are always the rainbow in someone else's cloud? Now it's time for the stethoscope to follow suit! Choose the MDF Instruments MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope with the kaleidoscope design for a little rainbow touch!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Stethoscope MD One Epoch Titanium White and Kaleidoscope

Also under $100 is the MDF Instruments ProCardial Stainless Steel Cardiology Stethoscope, which is ideal for nurses working in cardiac units looking for unmatched performance, durability, and craftsmanship.

Want a more exhaustive list of gifts under $100? Ask no more! Check out our collection!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses, Stethoscopes under $100, ProCardial Titanium Cardiology

19. Stethoscopes Under $200

Imagine Florence Nightingale meets Monet. Done? The result would be this beautifully crafted  MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope in Monet Kaleidoscope. Is it a diagnostic device? Is it a work of art? Well, it's both! And on top of that, it's a stunning gift for any nurse! 

If they're more of a Van Gogh fan, this MD One Epoch Titanium Sunflower stethoscope is sure to Gogh great as their present. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses, Stethoscopes Under $100, MD One Epoch Titanium Monet Kaleidoscope
MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses, Stethoscopes Under $100, MD One Epoch Titanium Sunflower

Is the nurse you're shopping for also a bit of a diva? Please say yes, because we have just the gift for you! The stethoscopes from the D!VA Glitter Collection will make their eyes sparkle while providing top-notch acoustic quality! Maybe all that glitters is not gold, but this gift is as golden as it gets!

/collections/under-200 If daring prints, lively colors, or unique patterns are more up the nurse's alley, you will find a winning stethoscope in the MPrints collection. This stethoscope is a gift that bold professional women and men will love! 

Our ideas for gifts under $200 don't end here! Go to our collection for more!


In addition to quality stethoscopes, nurses need a lot of accessories in their practice. Whether you're looking for good gifts for new nurses or more experienced nurses, these are some items that will not fail you:

20. A Penlight

21. Stethoscope Attachments

These tiny-yet-mighty tools are indispensable in a nurse's toolkit. Everything from checking a patient's pupils and neurological status to entering a patient's room during the night without turning on overhead lights asks for a penlight. So, nurses must have the best penlights for their practice, which is why MDF products are your go-to. The LUMiNiX penlight will become their trusted partner. 

MDF Instruments Penlight LUMiNiX II
MDF Instruments Penlight LUMiNiX

21. Stethoscope Attachments

If the nurse you're gift shopping for already owns an MDF Instruments stethoscope they're over the moon with, the best next gift would be adding extra features on the device that would make it even more helpful. The pediatric and neonatal stethoscope attachments are invaluable for nurses working with children, toddlers, infants, and newborns. They screw on and off the chestpiece of the ProCardial and MD One Epoch stethoscopes, making them easy to use and change depending on the patient—a great addition to their toolkit.

MDF Instruments Stethoscope Attachments, Attachment Clip

22. Stethoscope Case

Some nurses are always on the go. Their practice may take to different hospitals, offices, schools, long-term care facilities, or even other countries. If you're looking for a good gift for one of these RNs, you're sure to strike gold with a stethoscope case. The MDF Instruments case features a sleek and timeless design and is perfectly spacious to fit a stethoscope, reflex hammers, penlights and other essential tools. 

MDF Instruments Stethoscope Case

23. Nursing Clipboard

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a nursing student or a nurse who's just starting out, look no further than a practical, sturdy clipboard with some handy cheat sheets, plenty of space for notes, to-do lists, and vital patient information. Hit the jackpot with something easy to use, compact, lightweight, and ideally foldable so it comfortably fits in the pocket of their scrubs. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Nurses Nursing Clipboard

24. Nursing Notepad

From new graduates to experienced nurses, note-taking is a significant part of a nurse's life regardless of the level of their practice. They may have to jot down an order from a doctor or a piece of information from a patient's lab results. So it's essential for RNs always to have notepads within reach. And with a reasonably inexpensive gift, you can make sure they always have paper to write on. These cute notepads for nurses fit in their scrub's pockets and are a joy to look at. 

25. Badge Reel Holder

Nursing uniforms are pretty plain and unadorned for the most part. That's why fun little accessories that bring some personality to an otherwise dull work outfit will always be received with great enthusiasm by your favorite nurse. These retractable badge holders are an ideal gift choice and bound to spark joy. 

26. Reflex Hammer

Registered nurses use reflex hammers every time they need to check their patients' deep tendon reflexes and perform observational chest repercussions – so, daily. Given their ubiquitousness in nursing practice, reflex hammers are clearly an essential medical tool and your favorite nurse deserves the very best.

Reflex Hammers Black
Reflex Hammers Rose Gold
Reflex Hammers Colorful

MDF reflex hammers are well-made, durable, and have a lifetime warranty. Not only do they last for years, but they'll look great throughout. Quality and style really do go hand-in-hand. Your only task is choosing a reflex hammer that fits their personality. Would they prefer something pitch black, a golden touch, or a more colorful device? You'll find them all in our collections. 

27. Sphygmomanometer

The sphygmomanometer, or as it's known by its less intimidating name - the blood pressure cuff - is another vital tool for nurses. It would make a good gift for nursing students, new nurses, and even seasoned RNs. High-quality sphygmomanometers make a difference in getting accurate and quick readings regularly. To ensure the nurse receives nothing short of the best, look for MDF instruments. We have nine collections for you to choose from, and you will find the perfect gift among our instruments. 


Nurses selflessly care for everyone else and, in their endless compassion, always put everyone else's needs before their own. Well, it's about time they receive gifts that turn things around for a change. 

28. A Massage Gun

Nursing is a very demanding profession. Round-the-clock working hours, back-to-back shifts, always being on your feet, carrying or moving heavy equipment and patients - each of these takes a toll on one's body. So, it would be wonderful for a nurse to come home to a powerful massager that takes care of all cramps, knots, and built-up tension after a long day's work. 

29. Foot Massager

A foot massager is another good gift for nurses who spend eight, twelve or more hours on their feet during their shifts. This machine is excellent for relaxation after a long day: it catches every part of your foot, squeezes for added pressure, and even heats up- a must-have for professionals who basically walk half a marathon every week. 

30. Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Telehealth nurses and other RNs that are more office-bound than hospital workers will benefit greatly from an orthopedic seat cushion. With it, even the most basic chairs are getting an immediate upgrade. More spinal support, better posture, and more comfortable sitting? Sign us up!

31. Cute Hand Sanitizer

Due to the highly sensitive nature of their jobs, nurses are religiously washing and sanitizing their hands to protect themselves and their patients. So always having hand sanitizer handy is a particularly suitable gift for a nurse. The fact that these bottles are so cute is only an added bonus.

32. Hand Cream

Hand in hand (pun intended) with the hand sanitizer, consider adding some hand lotion to the gift! The constant hand washing and sanitizing can be harsh on the skin and leave the hands dry and chapped. A high-quality healing hand lotion, like the L'Occitane Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm, will immediately take care of that problem. 

33. DIY Spa Gift Set

What can be better than the gift of self-care and relaxation? A fully stocked spa gift set complete with face masks, candles, bath salt, bath bombs, and much more can provide that much-needed at-home spa session that will leave the beneficiary revitalized, rejuvenated, and fully relaxed. You can assemble this as a DIY gift or choose an already-made spa gift set. Either way, this is an excellent way to show a nurse that someone puts them first and that they deserve to take as much care of themselves as they do of other people. 


Books make the most exhilarating gift regardless of the occasion, so you can always count on surprising a nurse with an interesting read. We have some suggestions to keep them on the edge of their seats from start to finish: 

34. The Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story

This international bestseller is a powerful book based on Christie Watson's story and her twenty years as a nurse. It's moving, beautifully written, and will help nurses find a renewed appreciation for their chosen profession. 

35. I Wasn't Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse

For nurses, just like everyone else, there is comfort in knowing they're not alone in their struggles and joys, in their challenges and gratification. And this book is an excellent reminder of that. If you want to inspire the recipient of the gift as much as you want to make them happy, this read will help you achieve that.

36. The Wonder 

If you're book shopping for someone more into literary and psychological thrillers than biographies and personal narratives, The Wonder is an excellent choice. It's taught, suspenseful and intriguing all at the same time.

37. Window on the Bay

If the nurse at the receiving end of the gift prefers something romantic, they'd love to tag along with Jenna, a Seattle-based intensive-care nurse, from Debbie Macomber's romance novel Window on the bay. It's a fun, easy read - just what the doctor ordered to help them relax after a long day saving lives. 

38. A Journal

A reflective journal for nurses would be a kind gesture, sure to spark deep appreciation. This journal is a fantastic way for nurses to focus on self-care and reflect on daily situations. It can provide insights and growth, and it can be tremendously therapeutic. A thoughtful gift if you ask us. 


A must-have for every nurse is comfortable footwear! Some prefer running shoes, and others swear by clogs, but regardless of their preference, all nurses are after a similar set of characteristics: comfortable, durable, slip-resistant, and breathable. If you want to surprise a nurse with a pair of awesome kicks, these are some of the best choices:

39. Brooks Ghost 14 Sneakers

Brooks Ghost 14 will be an instant hit! Available for both male and female nurses in many fun and colorful prints and patterns, these shoes provide cushioning and comfort like no other. 

40. Clogs

Clogs will keep your favorite nurse's feet happy and rested even during those long shifts. Durable and with a timeless design, Dansko Professional Clogs are sure to become the piece de resistance in their shoe collection.

41. Nike Air Zoom Plus

If you want to go more industry-specific, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse, is a great idea. They were built and tested by nurses and have a sleek design. These shoes will meet each and every one of the nurse's professional footwear requirements. 


Graduating from nursing school is a fantastic achievement that deserves to be celebrated! And if you want to show a fresh graduate how proud you are of their success, these gifts are up to the task. 

42.  A Decorative Keepsake

An engraved keepsake with an inspirational quote is a great way to celebrate someone's graduation. They can proudly display it on a table, shelf, or mantel, and it's the kind of thoughtful gift that lasts forever. 

43. A Gift Box

A gift box with nurse essentials is another great gift to get them started on their nursing journey. You can go for a DIY gift box or find some great pre-made ones. But they're a fun and useful gift that will go a long way. 

44. A Necklace

A silver necklace with an elegant and classic design is a great graduation gift for female nurses. The heart, the symbol of the RN caduceus, the gorgeous crystal - it all comes together beautifully, and it will surely be received with much appreciation. 

45. A Funny Bottle Bag

.Cheers to the new nurse for surviving nursing school and cheers to you for being a master at picking nursing graduation gifts Sidenote: make sure to add a bottle of wine or champagne for maximum effect.


Who doesn't love to receive delightful home accessories that'll make their home a sanctuary they love coming to from work? 

46. Plant Pots

These cute little plant pots reading "Best Nurse Ever" are not only spilling truths but look lovely in the process. Match them up with some of the nurse's favorite plants, like herbs, succulents, cacti, or bonsai, and you have a great gift on your hands. 

47. A Decorative Centerpiece

This decorative centerpiece can be used as a decoration, as a paperweight, or even as a bookend. But whether the nurse you gift it to puts it on the table, desk, shelf in their office, study, or living room, one thing is for sure: every time they see it, they'll be met with encouragement, love, and appreciation. And that's a pretty meaningful gift!

48. Funny Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Set

Nurses with good humor will love this coffee mug and wine glass combo! There's nothing better than starting your day with a hot cup of coffee and ending it with a glass of chilled wine. With a gift as thoughtful and memorable as this one, now they have unique drinkware for both. 

48. BlackOut Curtains

While it's a good gift for any nurse, it'll be most useful and appreciated by nurses who work night shifts. When they get home after a long night of work, all they want is to get some proper sleep, and with the sun shining brightly through thin see-through curtains, that is a challenge. That's where blackout curtains come in. Trust us: the nurse's circadian rhythm will thank you for this valuable gift! 

49. Throw Blanket

Cozy, soft, and a great source of comfort and warmth - a throw blanket is an assured way to bring joy to a nurse. Resting, reading, or watching TV, each of these activities is automatically better if you're wrapped up in a fluffy blanket. 

50. Aromatherapy Candles

When you can't take them to the spa, bring the spa to them. Gifting a nurse some stress relief candles featuring the most soothing spa scents is a thoughtful gesture that shows your appreciation. The calming fragrances and the stylish jars will put them in the mood for relaxation while matching their style. 

51. A Coffee Maker

What's the best way to start your day? With coffee. But because nurses are always on the run, they need an efficient coffee machine that consistently, easily, and quickly delivers excellent coffee at a moment's notice. The Keurig K Mini is just the device! 

52. Tea for Sleep

Now, what's the best way to end your day? With some calming, relaxing sleepytime night tea. The delicious blend of chamomile, passion flower, and valerian root is perfect for relieving anxiety and stress after a long shift. 

53. A Teddy Bear

Their inner child is going to love this gift! So cute, soft, and cuddly, this teddy bear is a fabulous way to show your affection and appreciation for your favorite nurse on Nurse's Day and not only. 

54. A Slow Cooker

Every nurse deserves to get home after a long workday and have a hot meal waiting for them. A slow cooker is one way to make that happen, making it a pretty dreamy gift for a nurse. All they need to do is place food in the pot before leaving for work, input their preferred settings, then let the slow cooker do the rest while they're out saving lives.


The thrill of receiving a personalized gift is immeasurable because everyone wants to get a unique present that was created specifically for them. 

55. A Engraved Stethoscope

Offering your favorite nurse an engraved stethoscope is a meaningful way of elevating an already incredible gift. Lucky for you, many MDF stethoscopes can be engraved and personalized, so your present will be all the more special. 

56. A Custom Stethoscope

.If you want to design the gift as personal as possible, you can design their MDF stethoscope using all the features you absolutely know they would adore. Their face will light up when they open the box

57. A Personalized Badge Reel

Do you know what's even better than a badge reel? A personalized badge reel that allows the receiver to show off their personality at work.

58. A Personalized Jacket

A personalized jacket is a nice touch and will instantly become their new favorite piece of clothing. Say goodbye to bland, boring uniforms lacking in the personality department. Personalized embroidered fleece jackets are in. And don't even get us started on how comfy they are.

59. A Nursing Tote Bag

A customized tote bag is another good option for nurses. Stylish and spacious, it has every chance of becoming their go-to work bag. We are totes in love with this gift idea.


60. A Wine Bottle Scrubs Cover

When thinking of fun gifts for nurses, this is one of the first things that comes to mind. These scrubs for wine are adorable and cheerful and are definitely going to stand out. 

61. A Snarky Coloring Book

Nurses may truly be angels in disguise, but that doesn't mean they can be snarky, too. This hilarious coloring book for grownups is the perfect gift for all the sassy and classy nurses out there.

62. Shot Glasses

A great birthday gift for nurses is a pair of these fun shot glasses because nurses need shots, too! Your friend nurses are sure to have a laugh.


You don't have to wait for a big holiday or for International Nurses Day to show a nurse you appreciate what they do.

61. Flowers

Sometimes, even a small kind gesture, like sending them a flower bouquet, will fill their heart with joy! Flowers have the power to boost the mood of the recipient and deliver a message even better than a hundred words could. 

63. A Warm Meal

A warm mealYou see them always running around, barely having the time or energy to eat, let alone cook. That's nurses for you - always busy making everyone's lives a little better. Say thank you by ensuring a warm, delicious meal is delivered to their door! There are dedicated services that can be your trusted partner in that endeavor. 

64.  A Spa Day

If you want a special thank you for a nurse, gift her what she rarely allows herself: me time. A spa day package is a perfect chance for her to get pampered, relieve some stress, and forget about the worries of the job for a few hours. 

We hope our guide gave you some great ideas for gifts for the extraordinary nurses in your life, regardless of the occasion!