Congratulations are in order! Becoming a doctor is an incredible feat worthy of being celebrated with thoughtful gifts that match the tremendous accomplishment. We make it our mission to help you find them. 

From valuable tools doctors cannot do without (our specialty) to fun accessories that bring a little bit of humor into their serious lives, this comprehensive guide has over 30 ideas that will enchant new doctors on their graduation day. 

So, let’s get into it and explore some of the best gifts for graduating doctors. 


1. An MDF Instuments® ProCardial® Titanium Stethoscope

f you want to help a doctor start their career in full force, what better gift than something you know they’ll use every day on the job? Stethoscopes are crucial to a doctor’s practice, making them wonderful gift ideas on this special day. 

The MDF® ProCardial® Titanium Stethoscope is a top-of-the-line stethoscope that delivers excellent acoustic integrity and clarity - a feature that can make the difference between life and death for cardiologists. It’s lightweight (it weighs less than 5oz!), so 12-hour shifts will come and go, and throughout the entire time, they’ll feel as if they’re wearing nothing around their neck. 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors ProCardial Titanium Mprint Stethoscope, Poseidon and Capridium Blue

2.. An MDF Instruments® MD One® Stethoscope

Another premier diagnostic instrument that can serve as the best gift for a new doctor is a stethoscope from the MDF® MD One collection, loved by medical professionals for its performance, durability, and aesthetics. You can go for an acoustically-superior stainless steel option or the excellent titanium lightweight option. Either way, you get high quality, top performance, and gorgeous yet ergonomic design. That’s the MDF guarantee. You can really have it all, can you not? 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors MDF Instruments Stethoscope, MD One Rose Gold

3. A MDF Instruments® Acoustica® Stethoscope

For a more affordable option, stethoscopes from the Acoustica series are the indisputable winners. With prices starting at $29, this lightweight, economy model delivers accurate auscultation and ensures comfort even over extended periods of time. 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Stethoscope Acoustica BlackOut

4. A Unique Stethoscope Tailored to Their Personality

To the untrained eye, stethoscopes are vital medical devices that can sometimes look a little boring. The MPrints collection makes sure to shatter that stereotype. Among these instruments, you’ll find the best gifts that match your doc’s personality. 

Is she a little bit of a diva? A sparkly stethoscope will pop on her white lab coat! Does your favorite new doctor have a hint of a rebellious side? 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Stethoscope Rose Gold Snow Leopard

Is she a little bit of a diva? A sparkly stethoscope will pop on her white lab coat! Does your favorite new doctor have a hint of a rebellious side? 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Stethoscope Glitter Rose Gold

The StreetSmarts stethoscopes are ideal for doctors who strike the perfect balance of book smarts and street smarts.


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Mprint Printed Stethoscope Tie Dye

And if they’ve thought before how cool it would be if unicorns, dragons, fairies, and all other magical creatures were to exist, the Unreal collection will be a real treat!


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Mprint Printed Stethoscope Starry Night and Capridium Blue

5. Personalized Stethoscope

Clearly, a stethoscope is a good gift for a graduating doctor, but why not take a good gift and turn it into the ultimate one? You can engrave and personalize most MDF stethoscopes so that your loved one gets an instrument that is truly and uniquely them. 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors Engraved Stethoscope

6. Stethoscope Attachments

Whether the new doctor works in the pediatric or the neonatal unit, or they’re a general doctor who needs to care for patients of all ages, a great gift is stethoscope attachments that allow them to cater to all patient populations. With the Pediatric & Neonatal Infant Attachment Clip, they can ensure their device will deliver the best results when caring for the little ones. 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors Stethoscope with Attachments for Adult, Pediatric and Infant Patients

7. Sphygmomanometer

Help them build their medical tool kit with a quality sphygmomanometer. A blood pressure cuff (as it’s more commonly known) is an essential device for doctors, and the Iconica® model is one of the best options on the market. 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

8. A Penlight

Penlights are another practical and relatively affordable gift for new doctors that they’ll use in their practice day in and day out. Whether to check a patient’s neurological response or check their room without turning on the lights, a penlight is the instrument for the job, so it shouldn’t miss in their medical case. 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors Penlight with Pupil Guage

9. A Reflex Hammer

Another practical gift you are sure to strike gold with is a reflex hammer. And speaking of striking gold, this rose gold Tromner Reflex Hammer is a beautiful choice. If you want something a little less flashy, there are plenty of other options, from black or silver to something more discreetly colorful. 


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors Tromner Reflex Hammer BlackOut

10. An Instrument Specific to Their Specialty

When choosing the perfect gift for a new doctor, it’s also essential to consider their specialty. For example, an otolaryngologist may have less to benefit from a stethoscope than they would have from a premium otoscope, like the Riester e-scope®.


MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors Riester Xenon Otoscope


11. A Stethoscope Case

Doctors value structure and organization, so their instruments must also abide by these principles. A stethoscope case, especially one with a sleek design, is a great way to ensure they always keep track of their tools in the best way possible. 


12. A Medical Bag

If you want to go all out for your favorite new doctor and know that his or her practice will require lots of traveling, then a medical bag is the gift for them. It’s ideal for traveling veterinarians, military medical professionals, and those who venture into challenging environments. The MDF Tactical Medical bag is the ultimate medical bag. It is truly an all-in-one, ride-or-die sidekick that’ll help them save lives wherever they go. 


MDF Instruments Tactical Medical Doctors Bag

13. A White Coat

The white lab coat symbolizes the medical doctor, so it’s a very fitting and thoughtful gift for the newly established professional. Depending on their style, you can opt for a slim fit, a more elegant cut, or a classic shape. Regardless of which type you choose, there’s no doubt this is a functional, meaningful gift that will become the staple of their work wardrobe.  

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Doctors, Lab Coat

14.  A Tumbler

Whether for hot coffee, sweet tea, water, a lemonade, or a revitalizing smoothie, the new doc could surely enjoy a tumbler that keeps up with their lifestyle. Opt for double-wall vacuum insulation to ensure their beverages are always the perfect temperature because, let’s face it, lukewarm coffee is not great. Add resistant and leakproof to the mix of attributes, and you’ve got a gift that the graduate will appreciate to the last sip!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Doctors, Yeti Tumbler

15.  A Coffee Maker

Doctors need proper fuel to keep them energized through their workday, and a cup of strong, delicious coffee is just the thing for the job. Find a gift that ensures they start each day with one. This awesome Keurig Coffee Maker is a fantastic choice.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Doctors, Coffee Maker


16.  Jewelry

Looking for a flawless gift for women in the medical field who also love to accessorize? Look no further! This simple yet beautiful stethoscope necklace that you can personalize with their name, initials, or short message is a great way to celebrate her accomplishments. 

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Doctors, Jewelry

16. A Pouch

Wondering what to give a doctor on graduation day? How about a multifunctional cute pouch that can be used as a makeup bag, travel case, pencil case, or organizer of random things like keys, wallet and so on? A magical gift to celebrate graduating from medical school if you ask us.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts For Doctors, Pouch

16. A Book

Books make the most wonderful gifts in all circumstances, but few things compare to a well-chosen book on one of the most important days of their career. And the remarkable story of three Victorian women who broke down barriers in the medical field to become the first women doctors, revolutionizing how women receive health care is what we call a well-chosen book. It’s an excellent factual and inspiring read drawing from the lives of incredible women and destined for another astonishing woman. Pretty fitting.

MDF Instruments Best Gifts For Doctors, Book - Women in White Coats


17. A Tie

This necktie is the “just what the doctor ordered” of graduation gifts for him. It’s classy and elegant, perfect to accompany him at the interview for his dream job, office parties, medical conferences, or even family gatherings. A gift that can truly do it all!

MDF Instruments Best Gifts for Doctors, Tie

18. A Leather Tray 

If you want a nifty gift to celebrate your son, friend, or husband on their graduation day, we recommend a versatile leather tray that looks as exquisite as it is practical. He can keep it in his office or on his bedroom nightstand to hold keys, cufflinks, and other small objects together. He can also place it on the mantle or mount it on a wall as a lovely reminder of his hard work to get where he is.  

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Leather Tray

19. Anatomy Coasters

This gift for a graduating doctor may be a little outside the box, but then again, the only box we care about is the one that holds these unique and cool coasters. They’ll look great in his office, the doctor’s lounge, or the living room. You don’t need X-Ray vision to see how great a gift this is! 

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Anatomy Coasters


20. A Vault Graduate Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is one of the most excellent graduation gifts for MDs and DOs. It serves as a reminder of the road that brought them here and a stepping stone toward the journey ahead. Striking just the right sentimental notes, this present will forever remind them of the incredible memories and lessons of medical school. 

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Graduate Keepsake Box

21. Hippocratic Oath Decor

One of the oldest binding documents in history and one of the most widely known of the Greek medical texts, the Hippocratic oath is still held sacred by physicians. It symbolizes their adherence to ethical standards and serves as an oath to always treat the ill to the best of their ability. While doctors no longer have to swear by the healing gods to uphold the oath, it is still a powerful reminder of their role and importance in the grander scheme. That’s why a gift inspired by Hippocrates’ legacy will be meaningful beyond words for a new physician. These striking wall art panels will be a great surprise for your loved one on the day they finally graduate medical school and enter the ranks of noble healers. 

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Hippocratic Oath Decor

22. A One-of-a-Kind Wine Holder

A cool gift for a new MD or DO is a wine bottle holder like they’ve never seen before. We’re talking sophisticated, quirky, interesting, and, more importantly, unique. This isn’t your average wine bottle holder. But you’re not shopping for an average doctor either, are you? This present will make an excellent centerpiece for their wine cellar, dining table, or home bar. And the medical touch is just a bonus!

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, One-of-a-Kind Wine Holder

22. A Smartwatch

Make them feel genuinely appreciated by giving them a practical and functional smartwatch that’ll come in very handy in the healthcare space. Packed with functions and features, an Apple Watch Series 7 is a strong contender. Everything from keeping track of time to checking phone notifications, email, texts, and calls is available with a smartwatch, making a doctor’s job much easier and more efficient. Plus, access to many health-related functions such as blood oxygen sensor, ECG, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitor will allow them to always stay on top of their health. The only way to care for others is if you care for yourself first!

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Apple Smartwatch

23. A Scented Candle

They say smell is the strongest sense, and we can sense from here another good gift for graduating doctors coming. A scented candle is a thoughtful little treat that will help them relax and escape everyday stress. And with a new doctor’s degree under their belt, they will need the relaxation soon enough. The fun message is a bonus to make them chuckle whenever they see this luxury candle in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Scented Candle

24. An Anatomically Correct Vase

A beautiful piece of home decor, an anatomical heart-shaped ceramic vase, will be the absolute best gift for a new medical graduate with an eye for out-of-the-ordinary accessories. 

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Anatomically Correct Vase

25. A Custom Bobblehead

A custom bobblehead doll will be an instant hit for a doctor with a great sense of humor. Having an elegantly crafted ornamental figurine that looks just like them is a fun way to commemorate this special day. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Custom Bobblehead

26. A Mug

Strike his or her funny bone with a hilarious mug that’ll make them chuckle under their nose every time they take a sip of their favorite beverage! They don’t have to be an orthopedic surgeon or ortho physician to enjoy this hilarious gift - all doctors alike will find it “humerus.” Puns and dad jokes aside, this mug really is a great gift! 

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Mug

27. Hilarious Notepads Filled with Medical Humor

Whether to make a quick note about a patient or to jot down their to-do list, notebooks are still very useful to doctors. Help them circumvent the plain boring notebooks with one that is filled cover to cover with comical medical sayings. 

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Hilarious Notepad with Medical Humor

Personalized Graduation Gifts for Doctors

28. A Special White Coat Hanger

Sometimes, the tiniest things can make the most significant impact. A personalized hanger for their first white coat is an original gift for the new doctor in your life because it embodies years of hard work, countless exams, rotations, and overcoming challenges. Customize the wire to say any text you want to make it extra special. 

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors Custom White Coat Hager

28. A Nameplate

Watch as their face lights up in a smile when they open the gift box and see a gorgeous nameplate with their name and title. While it’s not a competition, this personalized souvenir will stand out among many other presents. It’s a great way to show them how proud you are of their accomplishments and how excited you are to be a part of their future journey as a medical doctor!

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Custom Desk Nameplate

29. A Personalized Pen 

You know all the jokes about doctors’ handwriting? The jokes may be inspired by reality, but that doesn’t change the fact that even in today’s world, doctors still put pen to paper more often than in many other professions. That’s why gifting him or her a personalized luxury pen on graduation is a fantastic way to send them into the medical world armed to the teeth with the most exquisite tools. We may not understand a doctor’s handwriting from time to time, but we sure comprehend how good of a graduation gift this is!

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors

30. A Personalized lamp

An unbelievably cute home or office accessory, this lamp with an eye-catching stethoscope and a special message from you will light up their world! The engraving adds an extra personal note, and the quintessential medical symbol will serve as the brightest memento of all the good they do daily in the world.

MDF Instruments Best Graduation Gifts for Doctors, Personalized Lamp

The Doctor Is In! Are You Ready to Celebrate Them?

After a painstakingly long and challenging process, your loved one is ready to wear the white coat and embrace one of the noblest professions in the world. Modest as they are, newly graduated doctors will say that for them, the greatest gift of all is the chance to save lives. While nothing compares to the gratification of seeing their professional dream come true, it’s still pretty nice to have the work that went into fulfilling that dream recognized and appreciated. We hope our guide helped you find the perfect gifts to do that!