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MDF® ProCardial® Titanium Stethoscope - Silver - Black

ProCardial® Titanium

ProCardial® Adult Stethoscope - Black/Rose Gold - MDF Instruments UK

ProCardial® Stainless Steel

MDF® MD One® Epoch Titanium Stethoscope - Silver - Royal Blue

MD One® Epoch® Titanium

MDF® MD One® Adult Stainless Steel Stethoscope - Silver - Black

MD One®

Acoustica® Adult Aluminum Silver Burgundy Stethoscope - MDF747XP17


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Material Titanium Stainless Steel Titanium Stainless Steel Aluminum
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(4.7 oz)
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Patient Size:
Diaphragm & Bell Sold Separately Diaphragm & Bell Sold Separately Diaphragm & Bell Sold Separately Pediatric Model Available No
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Diaphragm & Bell Sold Separately Diaphragm & Bell Sold Separately No Infant Model Available No
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ProCardial® Stethoscope Series 

The MDF Instruments® ProCardial® is the core cardiology stethoscope. This is the stethoscope for anyone who needs a premium and versatile stethoscope, to be your go-to instrument from school through your career. The design of the ProCardial® is backed by decades of handcrafted stethoscopes and is meticulously constructed with patented designs and premium materials.

Stainless steel has remained the top material for stethoscopes throughout the industry, until we at MDF® came up with a solution for the one downside to stainless steel, its weight. The ProCardial® stainless steel is still a classic when it comes to a premium cardiology stethoscope but for those interested in a fresh take on cardiology stethoscope design, we introduced the ProCardial® titanium.

The ProCardial® Titanium is constructed of high grade titanium for optimal sound quality and performance, as well as durability. Titanium is just as dense as stainless steel making it a premium carrier for sound, but at half the weight. At only 4.9oz, this full cardiology stethoscope won’t weigh you down on a 12 hour shift.

Both the stainless steel and titanium ProCardial® stethoscopes are cardiology grade, adult dual head stethoscopes, with a true bell and true diaphragm for precise acoustics of low and high frequency sounds. They are also designed to be converted into a full pediatric dual head stethoscope and infant/neonatal dual head stethoscope with optional attachment clips, so you can purchase them when needed.

The ProCardial® ERA® stethoscope is a unique reinvention of the classic ProCardial® stethoscope. It’s a cardiology grade stethoscope constructed of aluminum, so it’s lightweight while still providing great sound quality. It includes the extra deep cardiology bell and ultra sensitive diaphragm like all of the ProCardial® series, but with patented A2X tubing for dual input. The ProCardial® ERA® includes the attachment clip to convert the stethoscope chestpiece into a full pediatric and infant stethoscope, making this a popular stethoscope for EMTs.

MD One® Stethoscope Series

The MD One® stethoscope may look like many adult dual head stethoscopes out there, due to its classic and simple design, however we all know that when it comes to simplicity, it’s the quality that matters. Instead of cutting corners to manufacture more or cut down on costs, MDF® has reformed and revived this design, focusing on material, craftsmanship, performance and durability.

 The MD One® chestpiece and headset are constructed of 100% high quality stainless steel, handcrafted and hand polished to a jewelry grade finish, like all MDF® stethoscopes. With its effectiveness and durability, the MD One® has been the go-to stethoscope for many, but we didn’t stop there.

It’s no secret that a stainless steel stethoscope can begin to wear on your neck over long shifts, so we took the design of the MD One® and produced it in titanium, to make the MD One® Epoch titanium stethoscope. Our titanium stethoscopes provide premium sound quality and durability in a lightweight stethoscope. We added a convertible chestpiece to the MD One® Epoch titanium stethoscope, making it a complete dual head stethoscope for adult and pediatric patients. The pediatric attachment clip can be purchased separately if needed. The MD One® Epoch is a lightweight and versatile stethoscope that is built to last.

Acoustica® Stethoscope 

The MDF® Acoustica® stethoscope is an adult dual head stethoscope, designed to be lightweight while providing great sound performance and durability. The Acoustica® stethoscope may look similar to the MD One® but it's constructed with lightweight aluminum. Sometimes lighter metals can mean less sound transmission, but here at MDF® there’s more than meets the eye. All MDF Instruments® stethoscopes include patented designs from the eartip, to the headset, stem and chestpiece, so that sound quality is not compromised.

Sprague Stethoscope Series

Dating back to the 1940s, the Sprague Rappapot style stethoscope has been a popular and classic style stethoscope all over the world. Invented by Dr. Sprague and Dr. Rappaport, this was the first dual head stethoscope design with diaphragm for high frequency sounds and bell for low frequency sounds. The MDF Instruments® Sprague Rappaport stethoscope includes a convertible chestpiece, making it five stethoscopes in one, for adult, pediatric and infant patients.

Although the Sprague Rappapot stethoscope has been a staple instrument in the healthcare industry, we’ve found that the open tube design can sometimes cause noise interference where the two tubes meet. To maintain the versatility of the Sprague Rapaport stethoscope classic chestpiece design, we create our patented MDF Instruments® X-configuration tubing, making the MDF® Sprague-X stethoscope, that bridges the gap between a traditional Sprague Rappaport stethoscope and a cardiology stethoscope.

Pulse Time® Stethoscope

The MDF Instruments® Pulse Time® stethoscope is a patented design that combines a stethoscope and a timepiece, to make it easier to take a vital sign assessment including the monitoring of pulse and respiration rates. Positioning the clock on top of the stethoscope chestpiece also allows you to put your attention on the patient, without looking away at a watch or clock, and taking the focus off them. I can be the little things that make the biggest difference in providing the highest quality care.

Basics Stethoscopes

Sometimes we just need a stethoscope that gets the job done, so we offer an MDF® basic dual head stethoscope and MDF® basic single head stethoscope. At an economical price, this stethoscope is intended for accurate blood pressure measurement and vitals.