Our 5 BEST selling STETHOSCOPES for 2022

Here's our best selling stethoscopes this year, and why we're not surprised.

MDF Instruments® ProCardial® Titanium Cardiology Stethoscope

This stethoscope is the best of the best when it comes to MDF® cardiology stethoscopes. We took our classic cardiology stethoscope design, but answered back to the number one comment we heard, that it was too heavy. Cardiology stethoscopes have been made with stainless steel for sound quality and durability, however the downside is that it’s heavy. We make the MDF® ProCardial® Titanium stethoscope with titanium instead, to keep the high performance sound quality and durability, but with the weight of a lightweight stethoscope. This is possible because titanium has the highest strength to density ratio of any metal but 45% lighter than stainless steel.

We kept all the features of our classic cardiology stethoscope series, including the adjustable and pre-angled headset, the longer cardiology tubing, our Glide-Lock-System in the stem of the stethoscope chestpiece, and a larger and deeper cardiology bell.  All MDF® stethoscopes have a true bell and true diaphragm, so you can index the chestpiece to listen to high or low frequencies and eliminate the guesswork.

Because of the premium sound quality of the MDF® ProCardial® stethoscope and its ability to convert into an adult, pediatric or infant stethoscope with optional attachment clips, this is our best stethoscope for nurses, doctors, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, emergency medical technicians, veterinarians and just about anyone working as a professional in the healthcare industry. 

MDF Instruments® MD One® Rose Gold Adult Dual Head Stethoscope

The MDF® MD One® Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope has been one of our best selling stethoscopes, and then we introduced it in rose gold, and it has remained one of our best stethoscopes for years and still is. Here’s why it’s one of our best.

The MD One® stethoscope is an upgraded version of the classic dual head stethoscope design. Its 100% stainless steel construction in the headset, chestpiece and stem, give it the sound quality and durability you would expect from an MDF® stethoscope. The stethoscope chestpiece has a true bell and true diaphragm to deliver accurate sounds, and an adjustable headset for the most comfortable fit.

Because we are not just manufacturers but artisans, crafting premium quality stethoscopes since 1971, the MDF® MD One® is hand crafted and hand polished to a jewelry grade finish, like all MDF® stethoscopes. The quality, look and feel of it is much more than you may expect for the price. Now add the rose gold finish, and it’s proof that a stethoscope can be both functional and beautiful.

MDF Instruments® MD One® Epoch Titanium Adult and Pediatric Dual Head Stethoscope

You might be surprised when you pick up the MD One® Epoch because although it looks like the MD One® echoing its timeless design, it is constructed of titanium instead of stainless steel, to provide optimal sound quality and durability, but at a deceivingly light weight.

We’ve also added optional attachments for the MD One® Epoch so that it can be easily converted from an adult dual head stethoscope to a pediatric dual head stethoscope, with both diaphragm and bell sides. The functionality makes this one of our top selling stethoscopes for nurses, students, veterinary technicians or any medical professional looking for great sound quality and versatility, that won’t weigh you down.

Just when you think the MD One® Epoch stethoscope can’t get any better, we’ve added some options for metal finish colors such as rose gold and rainbow stethoscope colors, as well as some of our Mprint printed stethoscope tubing options. 

MDF Instruments® Acoustica® Lightweight Adult Dual Head Stethoscope

We’ve mentioned some great stethoscope options, but we can’t forget about the MDF® Acoustica® stethoscope. This stethoscope was originally designed for United Nation humanitarian relief efforts with simplicity and quality in mind. The Acoustica® is a durable and classic dual head adult stethoscope, but lightweight for travel or simply wearing around your neck all day.

Its functionality and weight make the Acoustica® a best selling stethoscope for nurses, traveling nurses, doctors, EMT, students, medical missionaries, or any medical professional on the go, looking for a practical and reliable stethoscope.

Another reason why the MDF Acoustica® is such a popular stethoscope is the price point and metal finish options like aqua, red and rose gold. With the included Lifetime Warranty and Free-Parts-For-Life Program (for all MDF® stethoscopes), this starting price point of $24.99 makes the Acoustica one of the best stethoscope values that we offer.

MDF Instruments® ProCardial® Stainless Steel Cardiology Stethoscope

Previously known as our classic cardiology stethoscope, the ProCardial® stainless steel stethoscope has remained a staple instrument for detecting faint and subtle heart, lung and internal sounds.  It's designed with an ultra sensitive stethoscope diaphragm to pick up on high frequency sounds, and an extra deep stethoscope bell to hear low frequency sounds. 

The ProCardial® cardiology stethoscope is constructed of 100% premium grade stainless steel and is extremely durable, yet comfortable with an adjustable headset and three sizes of soft silicone eartips. The stethoscope chestpiece is also easily converted with the optional attachment clips for pediatric and infants, so you can be ready for any patient.  The ProCardial® cardiology stethoscope has consistently been a best selling stethoscope for nurses, doctors, medical assistants, students, paramedics, veterinarians and more, being versatile yet classic in all the right ways.

Last but certainly not least.

All MDF Instruments® stethoscopes are latex free, come with a Lifetime Warranty that includes the tubing, and our Free-Parts-For-Life Program.  We send you free stethoscope parts like our soft silicone eartips, that come in three sizes, so you can custom fit your stethoscope ear buds and choose from either clear or black.  Our free stethoscope parts program also includes stethoscope name tags, replacement stethoscope diaphragms and non-chill bell rings. We guarantee that your stethoscope will last, for life. 

We also offer metal colors, limited edition printed stethoscope tubing, and stethoscope customization with our stethoscope bell engraving.  We promise a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for any instrument purchased directly from, so you can feel confident in your decision and know that we are here to help you get the best stethoscope.


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