Essentials for Future Healers: The Ultimate Guide to Best Nursing School Supplies

Shop our best nursing school supplies, from medical essentials to personal items, and more.

Congratulations, future superheroes of healthcare! As you gear up to start your nursing education, you’re about to set foot into a world of boundless opportunities, meaningful connections, and a career that will touch countless lives. And you better come prepared!

In this guide, we’ve carefully curated a checklist of indispensable nursing school supplies and essentials needed on your journey to becoming a nurse. From medical supplies to aid in precise patient assessments to items that ensure comfort and productivity, we aim to empower you to focus on what truly matters – delivering quality care and building a solid foundation for your future career.

So, if you’re asking yourself, ‘What supplies do I need for nursing school?’ you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s discover some must-haves for nursing students that will help you shine brightly in the noble profession you’re pursuing.


Every nursing student knows the true power of the perfect scrub set. They’re not just an essential supply for an aspiring RN; they’re must-haves throughout school and into your job.So, meet your everyday superhero attire – scrubs that are as functional as they are fabulous!

Designed to accompany you on your busy days of learning and caring, these comfy yet chic outfits allow you to move with ease and provide comfort during long shifts. Whether it’s calming pastels, bold colors, or ombre prints, your Figs scrubs will become a symbol of compassion and professionalism, empowering you to take on the world of nursing with a smile.

Nursing School Supplies Figs Scrubs Ombre
Nursing School Supplies Figs Scrubs Navy Blue

Nursing Shoes

Your journey through nursing school will be a marathon, not a sprint, and that’s why the right shoes are crucial to your success.

Specialized kicks, like the stylish Clove nursing shoes, were specifically created for people on the front lines of healthcare and are designed to withstand the demands of long shifts while providing exceptional comfort and support. Easy to clean, fluid-resistant, and endlessly comfortable, these sneakers will carry you through many clinical rotations and work shifts.

You can also opt for the classic Clogs or even a pair of trusty running or tennis shoes. Regardless of your pick, the common denominator needs to be unwavering comfort and functionality. You’ll log in countless miles as a nursing student and beyond, so you deserve support every step of the way.

Nursing School Supplies Clove Sneakers
Nursing School Supplies Dansko Clogs

Compression Socks

Say goodbye to tired legs, and hello to the magic of compression socks! These ultra-comfortable wonders are every nursing student’s secret weapon against leg fatigue. Designed to boost circulation and keep your legs feeling energized, compression socks will have you striding through your long shifts with newfound vitality. A pair (or 10!) are definitely nursing school essential supplies, so don’t hesitate to stock up!

Nursing School Supplies Bombas Compression Socks

A Planner

As you dive into nursing school, staying on top of your busy schedule is the key to conquering your academic journey. Enter your reliable planner - a must-have among nursing student school supplies. It will help you keep track of assignments, study sessions, clinical rotations, and important deadlines. Stay organized and manage your time effectively. That’s how you get ahead of the game.

Nursing School Supplies Passion Planner
Nursing School Supplies Passion Planner Inside

Stationery Essentials for Note Taking

Note-taking holds the key to retaining vital information. And to nursing students, it’s so important they turn it into an art form. Beyond the classroom, dedicating time to review your notes, textbooks, and supplemental materials will deepen your understanding of nursing concepts.

So, equip yourself with all the necessary stationery supplies to excel in nursing school. Gel ink pens, highlighters, sticky notes, arrows, large and small notebooks - these essentials will bring your jottings to life. Diligent note-taking and committed study habits will come a long way in your RN journey.

Nursing School Supplies for Note Taking

A Voice Recorder

A voice recorder is a small but mighty supply you need for nursing school that will elevate your learning journey to a whole new level.

Your RN student days will be filled with lectures, clinical experiences, and patient interactions, offering valuable insights and learning opportunities. And capturing every important detail from these experiences is nearly impossible if you only rely on your note-taking. But with this little gadget, you can capture a wealth of knowledge you can revisit any time you need. Preparing for tests and exams has never been easier!

Nursing School Supplies Sony Voice Recorder

A Great Stethoscope

As nursing students embark on their career journey, one medical supply rises above the rest as an absolute must-have – the stethoscope. Beyond a mere tool, it becomes a lifeline to patient care and an essential element in every nurse’s practice, both in school and beyond. Investing in a reliable and top-notch stethoscope becomes an investment in your success as a nurse. Here are some options to help you deliver the best care to those you serve.

The Acoustica® Stethoscope: Uncompromising Performance on a Budget

The Acoustica® series from MDF Instruments® is the go-to option for nursing students seeking exceptional performance without breaking the bank. Its lightweight and ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended shifts while delivering precise auscultation of heart, lung, and Korotkoff sounds. 

With acoustic integrity and clarity, this economy model proves that top-notch performance doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Discover more models from this series.

The Procardial® Titanium: Excellence at Every Listen

For those seeking the crème de la crème of stethoscopes, the MDF® Procardial® Titanium is the pinnacle of auscultation mastery. Crafted from lightweight titanium, this stethoscope delivers unrivaled accuracy in detecting body sounds, all while providing acoustic integrity and clarity like no other. Weighing in at only 4.9oz, half of its stainless steel counterpart, this cardiology-level stethoscope offers unparalleled comfort during prolonged shifts.

Get yours today at MDF Instruments®:

Design Your Stethoscope: Personalization, Your Way

Beyond off-the-shelf options, MDF Instruments® offers nursing students the unique opportunity to design their own stethoscope. With a say in the choice of model, style, finish, and more, this custom-made stethoscope reflects your personality and preferences.

With customization at your fingertips, the Design Your Own Stethoscope option ensures that your indispensable instrument becomes an extension of your individuality, both in nursing school and throughout your career.

Head over to our website to customize your stethoscope:

A Stethoscope Case

Your stethoscope is not just an essential nursing school supply; it’s an extension of your caring hands and compassionate heart. Protect it with the love it deserves – in a sturdy and stylish stethoscope case. This will ensure your stethoscope remains in pristine condition, ready to serve you in your noble pursuit of patient care for a long time to come.

Specifically designed to keep your stethoscope secure and safe from wear and tear, the MDF® case comes in two sizes, large and medium, and is a must-have accessory for all nursing students. Its thoughtful design and reliable build ensure that your stethoscope and other diagnostic devices in your arsenal are always within reach and in excellent condition.

Nursing School Supplies MDF Instruments Cases and BAgs

A Sphygmomanometer

Owning a personal sphygmomanometer is indispensable for nursing students. Beyond mere convenience, it enables hands-on learning, consistency in readings, and flexibility during clinical rotations. Having your own device fosters patient comfort and trust, empowers clinical decision-making, and prepares you for proficiency tests. It’s a long-term investment reflecting your commitment to providing quality patient care.

In your pursuit of nursing excellence, MDF Instruments® offers a wide array of sphygmomanometers, ensuring you can find the perfect companion to support your journey with accuracy and reliability.

Nursing School Supplies MDF Instruments Sphygmomanometer

A Penlight

When it comes to nursing essentials, a penlight is top of the list. You’ll quickly learn that this unassuming device packs a punch in its ability to aid in various clinical assessments. From pupil assessments to examining the throat and conducting neurologic exams, a penlight is a practical little helper for future nurses.

Add a penlight from the MDF collection to your nursing toolkit:  

Nursing School Supplies Medical Penlights

A Reflex Hammer

Here’s the deal – as you embark on your nursing journey, understanding neurologic assessments becomes crucial. That’s where the reflex hammer steps in as your sidekick. With a well-placed tap, you can elicit deep tendon reflexes and gain valuable insights into your patient’s nervous system health. It’s like uncovering hidden clues that help us better understand what’s happening inside their bodies.

Get your hands on a reliable reflex hammer - it will be helpful in nursing school, and after that, during every day of your nursing career. Head over to MDF Instruments and explore our vast selection of reflex hammers to choose your favorite.

Nursing School Supplied Reflex Hammer

A Nursing Clipboard

Let’s discuss another must-have tool for RN school – the nursing clipboard.

As a nursing student, you’ll juggle patient assessments, medical documentation, nursing protocols, and much more. A high-quality clipboard, like the WhiteCoat Clipboard, ensures you can efficiently carry and organize all your essential paperwork without any hassle.

And here’s the best part – this nursing clipboard doesn’t stop being useful after school. It will keep on providing convenience and efficiency well into your nursing career.

Nursing School Supplies Clipboard

A Nursing Watch

Ah, the nursing watch – a timeless companion for nursing students and professionals alike! This isn’t just any ordinary watch; it’s a crucial supply needed for nursing school and on the job that keeps you on track during your busy shifts. You’ll never miss a beat in patient care with a nursing watch strapped to your wrist.

Nursing School Supplies Speidel Scrub Watch

A Backpack

When it comes to carrying all your nursing student essentials in style, a reliable and well-designed backpack is an absolute must-have. It won’t be long for you to find that you need to carry quite a bit with you – from textbooks and notebooks to your medical supplies like a stethoscope, penlight, and clipboard.

Choose a backpack that can keep up with the demanding lifestyle of a nursing student. Go for the perfect blend of practicality and style with the Knack Pack, an expandable backpack that’s perfect for healthcare professionals.

Nursing School Supplies Knack Backpack

A Coffee Tumbler

The bond between nurses and their coffee is truly a match made in heaven.

In the midst of your clinical rotations or during a long morning lecture, a quick sip of your favorite hot beverage can be just the pick-me-up you need to stay focused and on top of your game.

That’s where a quality coffee tumbler makes all the difference. The Yeti tumbler will soon become your go-to companion, ensuring your coffee stays hot and your motivation stays even hotter.

Nursing School Supplies Yeti Tumbler

A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining peak performance in your studies and clinical practice. It keeps your mind sharp, your body energized, and your spirits high. So, it won’t surprise you to hear that a cool water bottle is our next item on the nursing school supplies list.

Plus, a reusable water bottle is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, saving you from buying disposable bottles. And there are some really stylish options out there, which is another bonus!

With a high-quality and easy-to-carry water bottle from HydroFlask by your side, you can keep sipping and replenishing, ensuring you’re always at your best to tackle every task nursing school might throw at you.

Nursing School Supplies Hydroflask Water Bottle

A Badge Clip

Keep your ID badge and other essential cards within reach with a stylish badge clip or lanyard. Go for a medically-themed one for an extra note of fun. Uniform Advantage has some adorable options that will stand out instantly!

Nursing Student Supplies Koi Chill Pill ID Badge Holder

Learning Materials

In the dynamic world of nursing school, having access to reliable and comprehensive educational resources is an absolute game-changer. So no wonder that some of the best nursing school supplies are things that help you grow and improve your skills and knowledge.

These resources, whether in the form of apps, textbooks, podcasts, or more, are a fantastic way for students to expand their knowledge, stay informed about the latest medical advancements, and excel in their studies.

Nursing Student Supplies Learning Materials

Medscape App

The Medscape app is one such example, offering a treasure trove of immediate clinical answers, free access to expert commentary, the latest medical news, and beyond. With it, you have abundant information just a few clicks away. Whether you need drug information, disease insights, or want to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving medical field, Medscape has your back, making it a must-have tool for every aspiring nursing professional.

Practice Materials for the NCLEX

The NCLEX RN exam, a pivotal moment for nursing students, represents the gateway to becoming a licensed registered nurse. This comprehensive test evaluates nursing knowledge, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning skills, making thorough preparation crucial for success. Thankfully, a wealth of resources is available to support students with taking the NCLEX, and it’s important to start utilizing them early on in your educational journey.

The Saunders NCLEX RN Exam app allows students to access practice questions and valuable nursing knowledge. Additionally, the UWorld Nursing app helps familiarize students with NCLEX-style questions. And for those who prefer alternative learning methods, numerous books, podcasts, and online courses cater to individual preferences. Find what works best for you and use it to your advantage.

Nursing Central

Nursing Central is another great app that deserves its spot among essentials for nursing school. The wealth of information available on this app is staggering and will keep you constantly learning and improving. Nursing Central empowers nurses and students by giving them instantaneous access to information on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures, readily available when and where they need it most.

This is an indispensable resource for nursing students with a constantly updating database of 5,000 drugs, a comprehensive dictionary boasting 75,000+ entries, and access to interpretation for hundreds of laboratory and diagnostic tests.

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Whether you like the tried and true print method or prefer the convenience of going digital, the Atlas of Human Anatomy is an indispensable book that caters to every nursing student’s learning style. With its detailed illustrations and labeled diagrams, this visual guide serves as a trusted companion in understanding the complexities of the human body.

The Atlas of Human Anatomy is an invaluable resource for both exam preparation and patient assessments, facilitating a profound understanding of anatomical relationships and offering a comprehensive view of the human form.

You won’t regret having it on your bookshelf!

Are you equipped with all the nursing school essentials needed to excel?

Becoming a top-notch nurse takes tireless dedication, fiery passion, and the right supplies. That’s why we’re here, not just with high-quality medical devices but also with this comprehensive list of nursing student must-haves.

Each item on this list caters to the unique needs of nursing students. From essential diagnostic tools to gear that ensures your safety and productivity, we hope you found the inspiration - and the supplies - you need to make it as a nursing student.

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