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Crafting Wellness - Manifesto

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We refuse to accept that if you are born impoverished that you are likely to live in a lower state of wellness and die much too early. Our vision is that wellness is a basic human right and everyone deserves to be educated, nourished, and cared for. Commerce is essential, but the current system has failed many. For those heroes that do not accept this reality either, we help empower and equip them so they may empower and equip those living on the other side of wellness.

Undo the Wrong

We are here to UNDO THE WRONG that we are force-fed with low quality, overpricing and/or empty promises. To UNDO THE WRONG that your only choice has been profit driven companies who are beholden to serving shareholders at the detriment of the people. Because of this, we do not accept making products that are “just good enough,” in turn spurring on the race to the bottom.  It is simply the wrong race; it is about the human race.

It’s Time to Wake Up!

Enough is Enough. What we create, and what you do, directly impact humanity. Because we believe one person can be the catalyst to change the lives of millions of mothers and fathers. Because it is the life of a daughter and a son, not just a nameless person – we are doing something about it. It is our calling to get rid of the indignity, complacency, and self-interests. We are leading the charge to challenge convention and to DARE everyone to finally CHANGE for the better.

This is our oath and we need you. The World needs you. We need your heart, your mind, your skills, and your partnership.

Welcome to the new school. Let’s Roll.

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