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Our Story

We have been crafting stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and neurological hammers since 1971. With our commitment to quality and design, we are honored to offer the industry passion, innovation and style. We are also proud to be the official long-term supplier of medical instruments to well-known NGOs and world health organizations. And more importantly, we are also the major supporter to many less-known medical missions that are improving the lives of people around the world—one afflicted child, one struggling family, one rural village, and one underserved neighborhood at a time. We are Crafting Wellness.

Our Mission

We transform the lives of those who are touched by what we do. Our instruments connect people so that the world is left a better place. We do this through a zeal for improving wellness and challenging convention.

We invest passion, enthusiasm and excitement coupled with dedication, fearlessness and the pursuit of excellence to improve quality of life.

We are a company created by people who care to serve people who care.

We are crafters of Wellness.

Our Factory in Puerto Rico

Our Team

Crystal Anderson

Casey Bond

Raymond Gillette

Jenna DiGiore

Emilio Juncaj

David Kirk

Dwayne Middleton

Lynn Pham

Eli Rezvan

Jon Rogers

Luke Salas

Joann Sempero

Christina Slenker

Ryan Sullivan

Virginia Tindall

Darren Ting

Richard Vinson