MDF® ProCardial® Cardiology Stethoscope

Featuring the MDF® Instruments® ProCardial®C3  3-in-1 Stethoscope

A lot of cardiology diseases are diagnosed in pediatric and infant patients, but pediatric and infant cardiology stethoscopes don't even exist. We wanted to create a cardiology stethoscope that properly diagnose infant, pediatric and adult patients. Then we gave ourselves a bigger challenge, to put it all in one stethoscope and through that process, we created a revolution.

Revolutions don’t happen every day, and in fact they don’t happen very often at all, but we at MDF® Instruments®, we're no strangers to them. We are the first company to introduce a Lifetime Warranty on our entire line of stethoscopes, and we’re the first company to introduce a free stethoscope replacement parts for life program. Now we’re proud to bring you the ProCardial® stethoscope revolution, the MDF® ProCardial® C3 (Critical Cardiac Care) Stethoscope.

It’s the first ever three in one cardiology stethoscope, and it allows healthcare professionals to switch between infant, pediatric and adult patients, almost instantaneously. For that reason, it's the perfect stethoscope for doctors, students, nurses, or anyone in the healthcare industry.

We’ve built the ProCardial® stethoscope series on the tried and true platform of our original cardiology stethoscope model and that’s been our industry leading stethoscope for about forty years, so it was the perfect place to start. It comes out of the foundation of the handcrafted, hand finished and hand polished approach, we use to make our cardiology stethoscopes.

We used the same thick-walled tubing to insulate from extraneous noises and we used the super smooth Glide Lock System, so when you index the chestpiece it glides and snaps into place to prevent sound leakage. We use the same precise diaphragm and extra deep bell so you really hear the entire spectrum of sound frequencies that you need to. Then we took it into an entirely different direction, and when we did that, our original cardiology officially evolved into the ProCardial® cardiology stethoscope series.

The ProCardial® cardiology stethoscope is three cardiology stethoscopes combined. It has six different available attachments, for the opportunity of nine configurations. Each configuration can be changed almost instantly, so you can change it in between patients, or you can set it up exactly how you would and then go about your day. When you’re not using the attachment, they fit onto the clip case, which goes nicely into a lab coat or it can be worn on a belt for easy access.

With the ProCardial® cardiology stethoscope, as with all MDF Instruments® stethoscopes, since we are the manufacturer and we own our own production facilities, we can control the entire process from beginning to end, and with our precise handcrafted approach, we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire stethoscope, including the tubing. We’re also able to offer a program that provides free stethoscope replacement parts for life.





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