MDF Instruments® Calibra® Pro Sphygmomanometer

MDF Instruments® Calibra® Pro Sphygmomanometer, more commonly known as the pocket aneroid is a hand held, portable blood pressure measurement device that's designed for medical professionals in all settings.

The convenience and simplicity of the pocket aneroid have really made it a popular choice among doctors, nurses, medical students, paramedics and even for medical volunteers working anywhere in the world. The problem is when you have such a popular product, it can become commoditized. It becomes about faster, cheaper and higher volume production, so what results is this race to the bottom in terms of quality, and unfortunately that’s what was happening with the pocket aneroid. Manufacturers were using cheaper and cheaper materials and didn’t seem to care about making a reliable device that was going to last.

For us at MDF Instruments® this just wasn't right. This is a device that’s supposed to measure a patient’s blood pressure, which is a key indicator of health, over and over again. This means that the sphygmomanometer needs to last and it needs to be accurate. Here’s a real world example. Let’s say you go into the doctor and you get a blood pressure reading and that readings off by ten points. Those ten points could be the difference between you needing blood pressure medication or not, so in order to properly diagnose and then ultimately treat a patient, you have to get an accurate blood pressure measurement.

When we designed the Calibra® sphygmomanometer, we wanted to create a blood pressure device that medical professionals could really trust for lasting precision, so when you think about precision movement, what comes to mind? A watch, right?

MDF® went to some of the best precision watchmakers in the world to produce the parts of the movement inside the Calibra® Pro sphygmomanometer, so the parts that are inside of the watch you’re wearing, those could be what’s inside your Calibra® Pro.

For the below which is the heart of the sphygmomanometer, because that’s what indicates the pressure on the dia, we use a proprietary space age material for a consistent and accurate blood pressure reading, time after time.

We also stress test our sphygmomanometer gauges 3,000 times, and we’re not just spot checking. We literally stress test every single unit that we produce and we calibrate our gauges five times before they ever leave the factory.

It’s important to point out that MDF® calibrates their sphygmomanometer gauges at five different points on the dial. You may not realize it, but just because a gauge is calibrated at ‘0’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s calibrated at 60, 120, 180, 240 and 300. Our expert craftsmen take the extra care to make sure that MDF® sphygmomanometers are calibrated at each of these five points. That’s why MDF Instruments® sphygmomanometers are among the most accurate and reliable on the market.

The really nice thing about our cuffs is that the bladder and tubing can be removed. They’re not stitched in like you see with a lot of the other blood pressure cuffs on the market. This means that our cuffs can be easily washed, which makes them great for hospitals, clinics, out in the field and really anywhere that infection control is a consideration, and in the medical field, that’s essentially everywhere.

 A variation on our Calibra® Pro is the professional aneroid sphygmomanometer with a single head stethoscope included. This is great for nurses, medical students, medical assistance and really anyone who goes from patient to patient and wants that convenience of a complete set. It also comes with a D-ring cuff, so it makes self measurement easier, and that makes it ideal for the everyday home user.

All these high standards for precision and quality in our sphygmomanometers, what does that mean to the medical professional who uses our products? It means that we’re able to offer accurate, premium and reliable medical devices with unrivaled warranties. All MDF® sphygmomanometers come with a Lifetime Calibrate guarantee on the gauge and a 3-Year Warranty on the entire sphygmomanometer.

That’s what you get with all MDF® products, high quality, handcrafted medical instruments with the best warranties on the market. 

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