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Featuring Stacy and our MD One® Epoch Sugar Skull Mprint Stethoscope

Hey guys, as most of you know who follow me on Instagram, I’m a senior nursing student in my program, entering my very last semester of nursing school in January.

One of the very first things that we learn in nursing school is how to perform a head to toe assessment, and I think a really critical element to be successful in a head to toe assessment is a reliable instrument.

If you have a stethoscope that is not reliable, there’s a lot of things you can possibly miss that can be critical to the patient care and the patient’s condition at that point, so one of my biggest tips that I give a lot of students that are either entering the program or maybe having difficulties in their clinical aspect of the program or just simply ask for advice in general, is to invest in a good stethoscope. There is nothing better than to feel confident going into a patient’s room, knowing that with your instrument, you’ll be able to pick up the sounds that are not suppose to be there or if there have been any changes from the beginning of the clinical to the end of the clinical.

I think that a stethoscope is one of the things that you don’t want to take lightly or kind of go the cheap route, but the most amazing thing about my stethoscope (it’s a MDF® stethoscope. It’s one of their Mprints which is awesome because they have so many prints to choose from) is not only that it auscultes so clear but it’s not going to break your pocket, and they have free parts for life, so what more could you ask for, being a nursing student or a nurse, or in the medical profession at all.

So, head over to their site, you won’t regret it. I’ve had this for almost two years. I don’t go to a clinicals without it and I get compliments on it all the time.

My advice to you, don’t mess around with your scopes. Don’t mess around with your instruments. Go to the right place, and you won’t regret it.




With you for LIFE!

MDF Instruments® is committed to not only providing the best sound quality stethoscope for medical professionals and the best personalized designs, but we are here for you when your beloved sunflower stethoscope deteriorates on you! All of our stethoscopes have a Lifetime Warranty which covers stethoscope parts such as stiff and hardened tubing, missing ear tip holders, chest piece parts and other issues you may run into while using your MDF®.

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How to Remove the Non-Chill Ring from the Chestpiece of a MDF® Instruments Stethoscope

It's a great idea to change out your stethoscope parts every once in a while to keep them fresh and hygienic.

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How to install a Non-Chill Ring from the Chestpiece of a MDF® Instruments Stethoscope

Has your non chill ring become dirty or cracked? All the free stethoscope parts you need are offered under our Free-Parts-For-Life program! Your non-chill ring is a protector for the low frequency side of your stethoscope. When examining patients, having a cold touch from the chest piece is prevented with the non-chill ring.

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